Gentlemen’s Review – Zirh International – Protect Daily Conditioner

Zirh Protect

Continuing with a review of grooming products offered by Zirh International, today I will share my experience with their Protect – Daily Facial Conditioner, or in other words…their facial moisturizer. I cannot make any spectacular claims that this moisturizer has dramatically reversed the aging process or miraculously knocked 15 years off my face. I would have to check back with the audience in 2-3 years to make that claim. What I can say is this: The Protect Daily Facial Conditioner felt very pleasant when applied on my face. The scent was very fresh, not excessively oily, and hydrated my skin very well. All in all – a pretty good product. Check out further observations below.


  • Following in the footsteps of the Zirh Clean Face Wash, the facial moisturizer also retains a light, subtle citrus fragrance.
  • Given the presence of a citrus scent, it is not as strong as the Zirh Clean Face Wash; which is good since a double dose could be a little overpowering.
  • The consistency is moderate; being not too creamy and not too watery.
  • There is a slight greasy feel to the moisturizer, but it fades away after application.
  • I didn’t have any problems with skin irritation or break-outs.
  • For usage, expect to use two dime size quantities, roughly the size of a fingertip, to sufficiently cover the entire face.
  • Keeping with this quantity, one should be able to extract more than a few months of usage out of this product.
  • Although menthol is not an active ingredient, there is a cooling sensation felt when applied to the skin. Perhaps it is the chamomile agent working on the skin. Whatever it may be, it feels nice.
  • Retails for approximately $32.50 for a tube of 3.3 fluid ounces. This may send many gentlemen running for the hills. However, if healthy skin is a priority, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities could be very appealing for that discerning gentleman.

Product Specifications

Environmental defense moisturizer
Daily skin conditioner for oily to normal skin types. Fights the negative effects of free radicals from environmental pollution and sun damage. Helps to slow the appearance of aging and improves skin’s texture and elasticity.

Key Ingredients
Vitamin E: an anti-oxidant from soybean oil soothes and helps rejuvenate the skin
Avocado Oil: a moisturizer that infuses the skin with protein without leaving an oil film
Chamomile Extract: an anti-inflammatory that calms the skin
Pycnogenol: a powerful anti-oxidant extracted from pine bark helps improve skin smoothness and elasticity

For more information about Zirh products, please visit Zirh HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Style & Substance – Rock The Boat…Shoe

Boat Shoe CollageI will admit, it took quite some time for me to get accustomed to wearing boat shoes. Residing in Detroit, boat shoes were definitely not a familiar sight on the feet of local residents. However, as my style steadily evolved, and I increased my sartorial acumen, I realized that a well-rounded wardrobe encompassed many items that were not in my closet. Trust me, as summer commences, boat shoes become an indispensable companion when the temperatures start their progressive climb. Whether paired with shorts, linen pants, or your favorite khakis; boat shoes are a slight notch above sneakers, but not so formal as dress shoes. And lucky for you, they can purchased on deep discount at TJ Maxx or even Marshalls. Online stores such as Endless & Zappos are also great sources at your disposal. Traditionally, a gentleman employs the services of the boat shoe absent the aid of socks. Nevertheless, if nude feet is not your preference, a pair of colorful socks remain a viable option. If you are looking for a particular brand, one cannot go wrong with perennial classics Sperry Top-Sider or Sebago. However, almost every shoe company you can imagine carries boat shoes in some form or another. So, the options are plentiful. Don’t miss the boat, grab some!

My Nigrum

Omaha_courthouse_lynchingIn matters of recognizing and appreciating the greatness of history, the specter of time hovers, always threatening to diminish the importance and seriousness of days forever removed. To be sure, history is a great educator; but if we allow the steady progression of time to dull its lessons, we will simply become students of profound ignorance. Given that, let’s talk about the term nigger. No, not the n-word, because nigger doesn’t deserve politically correct sanitation. Nigger deserves to be bathed in the unabashed, murderously bloody history for which it is identified. Please stop trying to redefine its meaning. Nigger is a pejorative corruption of Negro which is derived from the word Nigrum or Niger, which means black in Latin. To simply redefine nigger as a lazy ignorant person is to be lazy and ignorant of history itself.

Now, if you have chosen to simply alter the pronunciation, and the result is nigga, then you have willfully chosen to subconsciously alter history and forget where nigger originated. Slave ships. Plantations. Whippings. Lynchings. Rape. Castration. However, the passage of time has diminished historical sensitivity. Memories are becoming shorter and shorter. And what painfully hurt 100 years ago is now deeply embedded in a hypocritical culture. You see, nigger really isn’t nigger until someone who isn’t a nigger utters the word nigger. Got it? Confusing…I know. Nigger is a strange fruit that black folks love, a delicacy for our mouths only, no matter how nauseatingly disgusting or bitter; we have developed a palate that savors every harsh bite.

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Gent Hints – The Loafer, The Suit

To be sure, pertaining to matters of a gentleman’s suit, its style, more specifically how it is worn, has slowly transformed over the decades. What was generally unacceptable decades past is now being passionately embraced by a younger demographic; and they have vigorously applied their own spin on the gentleman’s standard uniform. Take for instance the gentleman’s dress shoe and how it is married to the aforementioned suit. The dress oxford, be it a cap toe or wingtip option, has long been the widely accepted choice for proper footing. No more. Over the years, the loafer has been welcomed as a viable selection. Initially frowned upon by the establishment, the loafer is now being actively recruited to fill the shoes of, well, your regular dress shoes. And the look works – extraordinarily well in fact. Tassels, metal bit, or maybe just a plain vamp; rocking a pair of clean, chiseled loafers with a suit just isn’t right – it’s right now. However, here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, we endorse wearing some socks to complete the look. But hey, we’re based in Michigan, so the weather doesn’t grant many days of sockless aplomb. So, go ahead, rock your loafers with confidence gents. Boom!

Gent Hints

  • By default, the black loafer is the quintessential favorite for occasions that demand more business, formal attire.
  • However, brown is perfectly fine, especially if they arrive in the darker variety with a mirror-like gloss.
  • High vamp = formal look.
  • Short  vamp = casual look. Wear these with a sports coat.
  • No socks, no problem. Dust the insole with some trusty Gold Bond powder to absorb moisture and funk.
  • Alternatively, if dusty white feet isn’t your preference, a stick of antiperspirant works great too.
  • Plain vamps are welcome to all ages.
  • Tassels are a little more mature. Kiltie loafers are really, really mature.
  • Metal bits are welcome to all age groups as well, and they exhibit a little more charm.
  • Business meeting? Walk carefully. Loafers may or may not be appropriate. Use your best judgment.

Style & Substance – Get “A-round” – Stylish Pocket Rounds At Any Price

Alexander Olch Collage

Sure, we totally understand that the current sartorial climate favors the conservative aesthetics of the conventional pocket square, and the conservative practice of the square fold – even if the folds are slightly irregular. Alternatively, the pocket volcano, also known as the inverted puff fold, is frowned upon in some fashion circles. However, and forgive me for my apparent partiality, but here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, current trends should not preclude a gentleman from variety. And if you have been following men’s style over the past few years, you can appreciate the much-needed injection of variety in men’s style. So in the spirit of variety, today we celebrate the pocket round. Because, in light of recent trends that dictate otherwise, a gentleman should not deprive himself of a little variety. With its crumpled edges and circular shape, a gentleman is afforded no choice but to pinch the “round” in the middle and stuff it in his jacket pocket with the tips exploding upwards. Tired of regular square folds? Give your suit jacket or sports coat a roundhouse kick and punch it up with a pocket round. Check out the following selections and extract the necessary inspiration.

Gentlemen’s Review – Zirh International – Alpha Hydroxy Acid Face Wash

Zirh Face Wash

Well, it is that time once again for a grooming review. Today, we are looking at a face wash offered by Zirh International, appropriately named Zirh Clean Face Wash. Offered in a metallic bottle holding approximately 8.4 fluid ounces of product; Clean promises to invigorate your skin by gently eliminating dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells. So, what was my experience? Well, read on.


  • Face wash has a thick, gelatinous consistency that is unlike any other face wash you might have used before.
  • The good: A little dab covering the surface of a finger is sufficient enough to produce a rich and robust lather.
  • The bad: Extracting the face wash from the metallic bottle can prove a little challenging for some gentlemen due to its gel-like form.
  • The solution: Keep it in the shower so the face wash doesn’t congeal too much, which might happen if housed in a medicine cabinet.
  • It has a light citrus, lemon scent that is really pleasant, but not overpowering.
  • The presence of menthol provides a nice cooling sensation, especially if you are in a steamy shower. It really opens up the pores.
  • As stated before, the lather is really rich. With that stated, sometimes the wash got in my mouth. And along it smells like lemons, it surely doesn’t taste like it! So don’t go overboard with pouring it out. If you pour too much, again with its gel form, scooping it back into the bottle shouldn’t be a problem.
  • It washes away cleanly with no residue. It didn’t dry out my skin, and it didn’t irritate me.
  • Retails for approximately $20.00, which may scare some gentlemen away, but a gentleman should be able to extract a long life from this product, especially if he is using bar soap to wash your face and body.

Product Specifications

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Face Wash
Invigorating Alpha-Hydroxy face wash removes dirt and excess oil for fresher looking skin. With Alpha-Hydroxy acid, CLEAN works to remove dirt, excess oil and surface dead skin cells, uncovering newer, fresher looking skin. Fresh, light lemon scent.

Key Ingredients
Triple Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Helps remove surface dead skin cells unveiling healthier looking skin
Menthol: Cools and invigorates the skin
Salicylic Acid: Reduces irritation and redness while removing excess oil

For more information about Zirh product, please visit Zirh HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Style & Substance – Richard James Pocket Square – Swan Motif

IMG_0982It was not long ago that my dresser drawer was absolutely barren, completely devoid of any stylish pocket squares of any kind. However, fast-forward to the present day, and my collection is quite extensive. The meticulous procurement of varying silk, cotton, wool, and linen pocket squares has become somewhat of a hobby. My latest acquisition, the Richard James offering above, was purchased recently with a little bit of luck playing a key role. As noted from a few posts ago, Mr Porter is conducting their annual spring sale. I had been stalking  watching this particular pocket square for quite some time, and I was hoping it would be one of few that received a reduction. Alas, by the time I checked the website, it was on sale, but it was sold out. Nevertheless, on few occasions, inventory is replenished and items are available for purchase once again. And it just so happened one morning that I was clicking through the Mr Porter website when I discovered my swan pocket square was back in stock. One hundred percent turquoise cotton edged with a lime green border and sporadically dotted with little white swans. It was a beautiful square with the precise amount leisurely panache that is perfect for this time of year. So, with nimble fingers I hurriedly placed my order, as the website indicated that there was only 1 remaining in stock – yikes. Well, my mission was completed and my new square arrived a few days later. The complete opposite of my skull & crossbones pocket square, the swan detail is lighthearted and carefree. Nothing wrong with a little variety in one’s life.

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The Standard #27

successAre men really men anymore? It’s a simple question that arrives unquestionably with a complex answer – if indeed there is an answer at all. I’m writing about this subject as I recently read Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore and the counter article A Response To “Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore”. So, I have decided to toss a couple of cents into the conversation. I am not a psychologist, so I cannot expertly analyze what and what does not make a man nowadays. Therefore, I will simply put forth, at least in my head, what a man should be. I won’t compile a laundry list right now, so perhaps I will present a different concept every now and again. So, what are some of the traits and characteristics that make a man…a man? Let’s begin begin with just one.

A man, or maybe even more specifically – a gentleman, should feel empathy and sympathy. A gentleman exudes the necessary strength when he understands that his partner requires the appropriate emotional and mental support. The comprehension of another person’s feelings and viewpoint is not foreign to him. He retains the capacity to deftly identify and recognize an individual’s emotional state. He doesn’t try to fix anything. He simply attempts to understand, to relate, to listen. Case in point: Late last year, there was a death on my wife’s side of the family, and as her husband, I had to be her rock. As the funeral home was preparing the casket to be lowered into the ground, my wife noticed a few smudges on the exterior, most likely from the hands of the pallbearers. Nonetheless, it bothered her.

Given I had experienced the death of a grandparent myself, I completely understood how the smallest thing could be magnified exponentially. It didn’t matter what I thought. It didn’t matter what the person next to my wife thought. The only thing that mattered was the smudge. Quietly, I removed my cotton handkerchief from my jacket, excused myself from my wife’s side, and I began to wipe away the errant fingerprints from the casket. Being a man…you simply do what needs to be done. Period. That day was about support. It was about understanding my wife’s grief and doing what I could to lightly assuage her pain, even if it was only wiping away a smudge. That day I was her husband. I was her comforter. I was her man.

The Standard #4

sidney poitier2To be sure, a minimalist approach to sophisticated style can yield maximum sartorial benefit. A simple color scheme assisted by a clean pocket square, discreet tie bar, inconspicuous necktie, and understated timepiece is the perfect example of dialed-back elegance. No need for intrusive fashion statements. Why all of the fuss? Really? Weighing down an otherwise immaculate presentation with unnecessary, garish details can be self-defeating. Realize, quiet sartorial charm can often speak the loudest.

Standard Recommendations – The Floral Necktie

Floral Necktie1Trust, a well-dressed gentleman appreciates the beauty of seasonal changes, and he appropriately adjusts his wardrobe selection to coincide with the subtle nuances that a new season may bring. As you might have noticed, well, depending upon what part of the globe you reside, flowers have fully blossomed and anything that should be green is of course – green. Again, this is all contingent upon where in the world you happen to call home. Well, my home is Michigan, and given the state of the weather today, I decided to head out to the backyard and snap a few shots of today’s endorsement – the floral necktie. Sure, stripes and solids are perennial classics. Checks and a few paisley prints may creep into the mix every now and again. But it seems as if floral neckties never procure the same level of consideration, and that is regretful. Woven and even printed floral neckties are whimsically stylish without being silly and buffoonish. The right selection can lend a light touch to a stern suit and soften a decidedly masculine presentation, absent the fear of emasculation. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Neckties, in order of appearance: J.Z. Richards, Ted Baker, Peter Millar, XMI, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna

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Killer Style – Mads Mikkelsen – Hannibal Lecter

mads mikkelsen4Fantastically and frighteningly fashionable. Sadistically and stoically stylish. Completely enveloped in evil elegance. Mads Mikkelsen’s haunting interpretation of Hanibal Lecter just may be the best dressed villain on prime time television. Correction: He just may be the best dressed character on television, villain or otherwise – period. The beastly, bulbous Windsor knots. The three-piece power suits woven with intricate Prince of Wales checks; accentuated with perky peak lapels. The seriously wide neckties adorned with morose mosaics of paisley. The good (we use that term very loosely) doctor’s pathology of style is a distinct departure from today’s sartorial climate. To be certain, you won’t see Dr. Lecter utilizing his psychoanalytic prowess while decked out in shrunken suits with naked ankles. No, Lecter’s presentation is all about projecting power and authority, albeit in a quietly dandy sort of way. Do you like how the Lecter character is dressed? Here is a quick and dirty guide to dressing like the acclaimed villain without compiling a high body count.
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Mr Porter Spring Sales Event

Burberry ToteWell, this was pleasantly unexpected; Mr Porter has commenced its annual spring and summer sales event. I don’t remember it beginning this early in the year, as the summer heat has not fully kicked in quite yet, but you won’t hear any complaints from the peanut gallery over here. Now, the sale is still in its infancy, so the highest discount attainable at this point is a modest 50 percent – which by the way is nothing to turn one’s nose up at. The lowest at this juncture is 30 percent off. Nevertheless, those gentlemen familiar with Mr Porter understand that the sale percentage usually tops out at 70 percent. So, you can press your luck and hope that an item you are watching remains in stock long enough for 70 percent off, or you can take the plunge now and be happy with the savings at the moment. A word of advice: Past history shows that stock is pretty scant around the time the sale hits 70 percent, so a gentleman almost has to visit the site early and often to catch updates. So truthfully, 50 percent off is probably the sweet spot for a sale unless you get really lucky. Right now, stock is plentiful, so you might want to give Mr Porter a quick glance and see what is out there. Happy shopping.

For more information about Mr Porter, visit HERE for more details.

Heritage – Madam C.J. Walker

Madam CJ Walker

  • Born Sarah Breedlove on December 23, 1867
  • Moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1877 after the death of both parents
  • Breedlove was hired as a commission agent by Annie Malone, and she moved to Denver, Colorado in 1905
  • Married Charles Joseph Walker – 1905
  • Adopted the moniker Madam C.J. Walker as she began to create her line of cosmetics – Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower
  • Walker opened a factory and a beauty school, the Lelia College for Walker Hair Culturists, in Pittsburgh in 1908
  • Created the Walker System: a vast line of cosmetics, licensed Walker Agents, and Walker Schools
  • Moved operations to Indianapolis, Indiana; built a factory, hair and manicure salon, and another training school
  • Employed up to 5,000 workers and agents
  • First female self-made millionaire in the United States
  • In 1927, her daughter, A’Lelia Walker Robinson completed the Walker Building in her memory
  • United States Postal Service issued a stamp of Madam C.J. Walker for its “Black Heritage” series – 1998
  • Madam C.J. Walker died of hypertension on May 25, 1919

The Standard #1

homeless-sidewalkAn honorable gentleman fully comprehends the concept of exhibiting class, sympathy, and compassion. During episodes of great tragedy or human misery, the humane gentleman believes in charity and generosity. It is second nature. The considerate gentleman does not greedily seize upon the opportunity to criticize, politicize, or monetize unfortunate realities. His moral fiber is fortified with virtue and humility. He understands that the weight of life may prove too great for some individuals to bear. Alas, he has been blessed with robust shoulders that can bear life’s burdens, and that fact is not lost on him. He is blessed to be a blessing to those in need. Because, benevolence is a character trait that is not foreign to him, nor is it casually minimized. It is far too easy, agonizingly too simple to take what life has pleasantly afforded us for granted. Sometimes, perspective becomes distorted when the lens has become clouded with prosperity. Allow your wisdom to correct your focus. Your current situation could be dramatically different-and not in a good way. Be thankful. And always remember to assist others who may be in need. It could be you that requires the empathetic generosity of a stranger one day.

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