Style & Substance – Get “A-round” – Stylish Pocket Rounds At Any Price

Alexander Olch Collage

Sure, we totally understand that the current sartorial climate favors the conservative aesthetics of the conventional pocket square, and the conservative practice of the square fold – even if the folds are slightly irregular. Alternatively, the pocket volcano, also known as the inverted puff fold, is frowned upon in some fashion circles. However, and forgive me for my apparent partiality, but here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, current trends should not preclude a gentleman from variety. And if you have been following men’s style over the past few years, you can appreciate the much-needed injection of variety in men’s style. So in the spirit of variety, today we celebrate the pocket round. Because, in light of recent trends that dictate otherwise, a gentleman should not deprive himself of a little variety. With its crumpled edges and circular shape, a gentleman is afforded no choice but to pinch the “round” in the middle and stuff it in his jacket pocket with the tips exploding upwards. Tired of regular square folds? Give your suit jacket or sports coat a roundhouse kick and punch it up with a pocket round. Check out the following selections and extract the necessary inspiration.

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