Gent Hints – The Loafer, The Suit

To be sure, pertaining to matters of a gentleman’s suit, its style, more specifically how it is worn, has slowly transformed over the decades. What was generally unacceptable decades past is now being passionately embraced by a younger demographic; and they have vigorously applied their own spin on the gentleman’s standard uniform. Take for instance the gentleman’s dress shoe and how it is married to the aforementioned suit. The dress oxford, be it a cap toe or wingtip option, has long been the widely accepted choice for proper footing. No more. Over the years, the loafer has been welcomed as a viable selection. Initially frowned upon by the establishment, the loafer is now being actively recruited to fill the shoes of, well, your regular dress shoes. And the look works – extraordinarily well in fact. Tassels, metal bit, or maybe just a plain vamp; rocking a pair of clean, chiseled loafers with a suit just isn’t right – it’s right now. However, here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, we endorse wearing some socks to complete the look. But hey, we’re based in Michigan, so the weather doesn’t grant many days of sockless aplomb. So, go ahead, rock your loafers with confidence gents. Boom!

Gent Hints

  • By default, the black loafer is the quintessential favorite for occasions that demand more business, formal attire.
  • However, brown is perfectly fine, especially if they arrive in the darker variety with a mirror-like gloss.
  • High vamp = formal look.
  • Short  vamp = casual look. Wear these with a sports coat.
  • No socks, no problem. Dust the insole with some trusty Gold Bond powder to absorb moisture and funk.
  • Alternatively, if dusty white feet isn’t your preference, a stick of antiperspirant works great too.
  • Plain vamps are welcome to all ages.
  • Tassels are a little more mature. Kiltie loafers are really, really mature.
  • Metal bits are welcome to all age groups as well, and they exhibit a little more charm.
  • Business meeting? Walk carefully. Loafers may or may not be appropriate. Use your best judgment.

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