Killer Style – Mads Mikkelsen – Hannibal Lecter

mads mikkelsen4Fantastically and frighteningly fashionable. Sadistically and stoically stylish. Completely enveloped in evil elegance. Mads Mikkelsen’s haunting interpretation of Hanibal Lecter just may be the best dressed villain on prime time television. Correction: He just may be the best dressed character on television, villain or otherwise – period. The beastly, bulbous Windsor knots. The three-piece power suits woven with intricate Prince of Wales checks; accentuated with perky peak lapels. The seriously wide neckties adorned with morose mosaics of paisley. The good (we use that term very loosely) doctor’s pathology of style is a distinct departure from today’s sartorial climate. To be certain, you won’t see Dr. Lecter utilizing his psychoanalytic prowess while decked out in shrunken suits with naked ankles. No, Lecter’s presentation is all about projecting power and authority, albeit in a quietly dandy sort of way. Do you like how the Lecter character is dressed? Here is a quick and dirty guide to dressing like the acclaimed villain without compiling a high body count.

mads mikkelsen

  • This version of Hannibal Lecter almost never wears a patterned dress shirt. And if he does, the pattern is very understated and subtle. This is where you start.
  • Opt for colors in unconventional hues for dress shirts with a moody feel to them. Sage green. Cobalt blue. Brick red. Pale pink – well, you get the idea.
  • Your dress shirt collar of choice: cutaway or spread. Why? You need sufficient space to house your Windsor knot of course.
  • Barrel-cuff for serious business. French-cuff for really, really serious business.

mads mikkelsen2

  • Your necktie of choice should clock in between 3 and 3 1/2 inches wide (4 inches if you can find some) – don’t be shy. Quiet aggression is Lecter’s specialty, and barely there neckties just won’t cut it.
  • Paisley – a cascading, overlapping collage of playful paisley; tempered only by its temperamental shade. Which, by the way, can provide a nimble contrast to your dress shirt.
  • Conversely you can opt to coordinate your necktie in a lighter or darker tone with your dress shirt.
  • A Windsor knot may be too fussy for some, so a half-Windsor can be a great alternative.

  • Three-piece. Peak lapel. Prince of Wales check. Enough said.
  • Granted, peak lapels may not be plentiful, so a notch lapel will suffice.
  • To magnify the boldness of the check pattern, select a suit fabric that provides a rich depth to the material.
  • If it’s spring or summer: a wool and linen blend is your ally.
  • If it’s autumn or winter: tweed, flannel, cashmere, or a wool/cashmere blend will be a friend as well.
  • Bonus: Add a colorful pocket square in a contrasting color to lighten up the mood. Coordinate your square with a subtle shade in your jacket.

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