My Nigrum

Omaha_courthouse_lynchingIn matters of recognizing and appreciating the greatness of history, the specter of time hovers, always threatening to diminish the importance and seriousness of days forever removed. To be sure, history is a great educator; but if we allow the steady progression of time to dull its lessons, we will simply become students of profound ignorance. Given that, let’s talk about the term nigger. No, not the n-word, because nigger doesn’t deserve politically correct sanitation. Nigger deserves to be bathed in the unabashed, murderously bloody history for which it is identified. Please stop trying to redefine its meaning. Nigger is a pejorative corruption of Negro which is derived from the word Nigrum or Niger, which means black in Latin. To simply redefine nigger as a lazy ignorant person is to be lazy and ignorant of history itself.

Now, if you have chosen to simply alter the pronunciation, and the result is nigga, then you have willfully chosen to subconsciously alter history and forget where nigger originated. Slave ships. Plantations. Whippings. Lynchings. Rape. Castration. However, the passage of time has diminished historical sensitivity. Memories are becoming shorter and shorter. And what painfully hurt 100 years ago is now deeply embedded in a hypocritical culture. You see, nigger really isn’t nigger until someone who isn’t a nigger utters the word nigger. Got it? Confusing…I know. Nigger is a strange fruit that black folks love, a delicacy for our mouths only, no matter how nauseatingly disgusting or bitter; we have developed a palate that savors every harsh bite.

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  1. Hello Mr. Palmer, Thank you for this post. As usual, very well done. I love this blog! This is a very polarizing time in America, and unfortunately the trial of a certain neighborhood vigilante in Florida is only going to make things worse. CNN is doing an entire show based on the N-Word. Anyway, thanks again and God bless.


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