Review – Sebago – Crest Collection Docksides

IMG_3010It was an interesting concept that I had to ready my mind to absorb; I never fathomed that the intersection of luxury and a boat shoe was attainable. A boat shoe was, well, a typical boat shoe – a preppy staple reserved for outings on bodies of water or outings on land with a smoking barbecue grill nearby. Simply stated: It is the ultimate casual shoe with a small touch of style in some rare cases. Now, casual and luxury are not exactly synonymous. Nonetheless, Sebago is making the case that a boat shoe can be dipped in luxury by benefiting from rich materials and well-crafted construction. The Sebago Crest Collection strives to create an amalgamation of both casual and luxury with polished details and impeccable, tactile elements. Given the opportunity to slide into a pair, today we’re going to determine if the Sebago Docksides boat shoe is as good as advertised. Continue reading

Style & Substance – Rock The Boat…Shoe

Boat Shoe CollageI will admit, it took quite some time for me to get accustomed to wearing boat shoes. Residing in Detroit, boat shoes were definitely not a familiar sight on the feet of local residents. However, as my style steadily evolved, and I increased my sartorial acumen, I realized that a well-rounded wardrobe encompassed many items that were not in my closet. Trust me, as summer commences, boat shoes become an indispensable companion when the temperatures start their progressive climb. Whether paired with shorts, linen pants, or your favorite khakis; boat shoes are a slight notch above sneakers, but not so formal as dress shoes. And lucky for you, they can purchased on deep discount at TJ Maxx or even Marshalls. Online stores such as Endless & Zappos are also great sources at your disposal. Traditionally, a gentleman employs the services of the boat shoe absent the aid of socks. Nevertheless, if nude feet is not your preference, a pair of colorful socks remain a viable option. If you are looking for a particular brand, one cannot go wrong with perennial classics Sperry Top-Sider or Sebago. However, almost every shoe company you can imagine carries boat shoes in some form or another. So, the options are plentiful. Don’t miss the boat, grab some!

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