Style & Substance – Richard James Pocket Square – Swan Motif

IMG_0982It was not long ago that my dresser drawer was absolutely barren, completely devoid of any stylish pocket squares of any kind. However, fast-forward to the present day, and my collection is quite extensive. The meticulous procurement of varying silk, cotton, wool, and linen pocket squares has become somewhat of a hobby. My latest acquisition, the Richard James offering above, was purchased recently with a little bit of luck playing a key role. As noted from a few posts ago, Mr Porter is conducting their annual spring sale. I had been stalking  watching this particular pocket square for quite some time, and I was hoping it would be one of few that received a reduction. Alas, by the time I checked the website, it was on sale, but it was sold out. Nevertheless, on few occasions, inventory is replenished and items are available for purchase once again. And it just so happened one morning that I was clicking through the Mr Porter website when I discovered my swan pocket square was back in stock. One hundred percent turquoise cotton edged with a lime green border and sporadically dotted with little white swans. It was a beautiful square with the precise amount leisurely panache that is perfect for this time of year. So, with nimble fingers I hurriedly placed my order, as the website indicated that there was only 1 remaining in stock – yikes. Well, my mission was completed and my new square arrived a few days later. The complete opposite of my skull & crossbones pocket square, the swan detail is lighthearted and carefree. Nothing wrong with a little variety in one’s life.

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Style & Substance – Richard James Silk Polka Dot Pocket Square

IMG_0091So, if by chance you were pondering the thought, yes, polka dots are still popular heading into the spring and summer seasons. Caveat: Polka-dotted furnishings for gentlemen are best utilized in small, discreet dosages. Perhaps in the form of a beautiful bow-tie, some jazzy socks, or silky smooth pocket square – such as the square pictured above. Bearing an all-over polka dot pattern and a light blue center edged by a chocolate border, this Richard James pocket square retains the right amount stylish energy without being foppish. And contrary to what GQ states in their latest guide to pocket square folding, the puff and point folds are not clownish. Pocket square does not denote the strict folding of a symmetrical or an irregular square. Trust me, the fanciful puff has been around for decades, it’s not going anywhere. True, cotton pocket squares are most likely to be folded conservatively. Then again, cotton is stiffer than silk. So, just because the square fold is the flavor of the moment does not mean other folds are antiquated. But I digress, the playfulness of this Richard James requires a whimsical toss in the breast pocket, because polka dots are, of course, playful. And with the weather warming up appropriately, this gentleman is all about play. Boom!

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