Standard Recommendations – The Floral Necktie

Floral Necktie1Trust, a well-dressed gentleman appreciates the beauty of seasonal changes, and he appropriately adjusts his wardrobe selection to coincide with the subtle nuances that a new season may bring. As you might have noticed, well, depending upon what part of the globe you reside, flowers have fully blossomed and anything that should be green is of course – green. Again, this is all contingent upon where in the world you happen to call home. Well, my home is Michigan, and given the state of the weather today, I decided to head out to the backyard and snap a few shots of today’s endorsement – the floral necktie. Sure, stripes and solids are perennial classics. Checks and a few paisley prints may creep into the mix every now and again. But it seems as if floral neckties never procure the same level of consideration, and that is regretful. Woven and even printed floral neckties are whimsically stylish without being silly and buffoonish. The right selection can lend a light touch to a stern suit and soften a decidedly masculine presentation, absent the fear of emasculation. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Neckties, in order of appearance: J.Z. Richards, Ted Baker, Peter Millar, XMI, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna

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Standard Recommendations – Ted Baker Polka Dot Necktie

Ted Baker Polka DotGranted, spring may have officially arrived yesterday, but the temperatures have retained a wintry feel that echoes early January. Nonetheless, the season has technically shifted, and the gentleman would be wise to prepare his spring attire for the upcoming heat wave. Okay, perhaps that is a stretch, but it would be intelligent to get the proper gear ready. Now, despite the warm weather that will soon be arriving (we hope), it might be a little premature to emancipate the shorts and tee shirts from the closet. That being said, plenty of gentlemen will still hold fast to their suit attire. However, the dreary days of winter will soon be forgotten, and a lighter touch will be required when we decide to get suited and booted. And usually that lighter touch arrives in the form of playful, whimsical accessories that temper the seriousness of your standard business suit. That being said, I came across this fun Ted Baker necktie being offered online by Von Maur. Yes, polka dots are still popular; and the boldness of those dots, along with the vibrant colors, are just enough to loosen up a stiff suit – if just a little bit. Bonus: Currently it’s on sale for $39.00, which is reasonable given the brand and design. So, check it out. Von Maur offers free shipping with a no hassle return if it doesn’t tickle your fancy. For more purchasing details, visit Von Maur HERE for more information.

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