Mr Porter Spring Sales Event

Burberry ToteWell, this was pleasantly unexpected; Mr Porter has commenced its annual spring and summer sales event. I don’t remember it beginning this early in the year, as the summer heat has not fully kicked in quite yet, but you won’t hear any complaints from the peanut gallery over here. Now, the sale is still in its infancy, so the highest discount attainable at this point is a modest 50 percent – which by the way is nothing to turn one’s nose up at. The lowest at this juncture is 30 percent off. Nevertheless, those gentlemen familiar with Mr Porter understand that the sale percentage usually tops out at 70 percent. So, you can press your luck and hope that an item you are watching remains in stock long enough for 70 percent off, or you can take the plunge now and be happy with the savings at the moment. A word of advice: Past history shows that stock is pretty scant around the time the sale hits 70 percent, so a gentleman almost has to visit the site early and often to catch updates. So truthfully, 50 percent off is probably the sweet spot for a sale unless you get really lucky. Right now, stock is plentiful, so you might want to give Mr Porter a quick glance and see what is out there. Happy shopping.

For more information about Mr Porter, visit HERE for more details.

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