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The Gentlemen’s Desk October 14th – 20th

  • The murder of Atatiana Jefferson by a police officer is truly frightening. Imagine walking around in your own home, and then a police officer indiscriminately starts shooting blindly through a window in the dark. Seriously, I question the hiring and training practices of many police departments across this country.
  • If you want to perform a wellness check for Glen Palmer, please do me a favor and contact my family & friends first, come knock on my door, throw a few pebbles at my window, etc.
  • The absence of self-awareness in the workplace is simply astounding. No one wants to be honest with themselves. It really makes managing people extremely difficult.
  • If you haven’t read my review of the Valencia from Beckett Simonon, please be sure to check it out.
  • Autumn has arrived, and soon still, winter will be following closely behind. During both seasons, I prefer slightly heavier fragrances. Burberry Mr. Burberry and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb are still some of my favorites.
  • I really love this time of the year. There are some beautiful pieces on the market; full of rich textures and gorgeous hues. Meanwhile over at GQ, they have Pharrell Williams looking like a clown.
  • Fatherhood has been on my mind a lot as of late. Be a Father to Your Child – Essential Parenting Skills & Responsibilities That Every New (Or Not So New) Father Should Embrace. I dive into obligations that extend beyond changing diapers. Check it out.
  • And as always, please check out my latest blog posts HERE.

Style & Substance – Beckett Simonon – Valencia Wholecut

Beckett Simonon is a direct to consumer brand reshaping the way premium shoes and accessories are offered. They provide men with handcrafted shoes, bags and belts at a reasonable price, while ensuring exceptional service, quality and integrity. Their mission is to create a smarter way to shop and manufacture so we can all come out on top – from the environment to the craftspeople they employ to the customers they we serve. Beckett Simonon sells their product online only, manufactures in-house, and crafts their shoes and bags to order in small batches. This allows them to save resources, produce less waste and ensure responsible working conditions. There’s never unsold inventory and no need for high markups to cover costs. All of the savings are passed on to the customer so they can offer prices that would be otherwise impossible.

How do they achieve their prices? The cost structure of most luxury brands entail three major layers: products are made by a third party (outsourced manufacturing), a large amount of unsold inventory that needs to be backed by high profit margins, and the brand sells to retailers at wholesale prices which retailers add on average a 3X markup. Beckett Simonon sought to remove all three of those layers. They strive to offer the same quality at a much lower price. They manufacture in house, craft everything to order, and only sell direct online. Average delivery time is 8-12 weeks. Their customer service policy entails free shipping, free returns and free exchanges (even though the products are made to order). You can even cancel your order for a full refund at any time – even if it is already in production. Also, they overproduce a small percentage of shoes to facilitate quick size exchanges. All of their products are covered by a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

Valencia Wholecut

  • Made from a single piece of Argentinian full grain leather, the Valencia wholecut oxford is truly a piece of art. Only the finest shoemakers are able to manufacture them, which is why they are handmade in small batches by master artisans. These shoes are the most elegant a gentleman can wear – meaning you are sure to stand out from the crowd when paired with the right suit.
  •  Wholecut oxfords are in a class of their own. Constructed from a single piece of leather, a gentleman will be hard-pressed to find a shoe that exudes more elegance and style than these. The design requires an incredibly skilled hand to make them and it’s essential that they’re made from the absolute finest hides. Simply stated: These shoes are guaranteed to look great no matter what you pair them with.
  • Normally, after shoes are lasted, they are left alone to form its shape for 72 hours. Wholecut shoes are granted 120 hours in comparison. And for that reason, limited quantities are produced.
  • The lining within the wholecut oxford is also crafted from a single piece of leather. No one is none the wiser, but a gentleman knows it is there to appreciate. It makes the interior as smooth as possible. No joints or overlapping pieces – just comfort.

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Listen Up, I Have a Story to Tell – How to Create a Winning Narrative for a Job Interview

To be absolutely certain, the most prolific hip hop artists in history display the innate ability to tell vivid stories – the art of storytelling as many call it. The Notorious B.I.G. Nas. Scarface. These artists were able to lyrically weave a tapestry of detail throughout tracks that transported the listener directly into the song. Undoubtedly, the experience leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s memory. Effectively describing the most minute facets and capturing the emotion of a situation; artful storytelling is a powerful tool that engenders engagement. That being stated, communicating an engaging story is not only a useful device in songwriting, it can also elevate a job interview above a fellow job seeker. When I have sought job opportunities, my interview style is conversational, detailed, and personal. I want the interviewer fully invested in my answers and my narrative.

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Striving While Black – Navigating the Corporate World as a Gentleman of Color

I’ve been in this game for years, corporate life is an animal, it’s rules to the game, so I wrote me a manual. It’s a step by step e-booklet for you to get your job on track – not your career pushed back. Yes, the corporate world can present quite the challenge for anyone, but for the gentleman of color, this world can be an entirely different animal. And for the uninitiated, the wrong moves can render a career stuck in neutral, or worst yet, gifted a box of your belongings and shown the exit.

Trust, there will be landmines that must be expertly navigated if career success is the objective. Your patience and resolve will be tested. There are so many times you can be confused with the other black guy in the office before it starts to wear on your nerves. You can only hear black slang from 1985 resurrected in 2018 as if it is brand new so many times before you want to scream. You can only hear the expressed fear from your non-melaninated colleagues about venturing into an urban area (which they never visit anyway) before your eyes roll out of the sockets.

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Daddy Diary – How Fatherhood Challenged My Masculinity While Restoring My Manhood

Regarding the everyday activities of life, more specifically fatherhood, I am rather matter of fact with my observations and narratives. I am always open and honest about fatherhood with respect to its profound impact over the last 5 years. My role and responsibilities are painfully simple: do what is right and do what is necessary. Sometimes, I am able to experience success, and other times, unfortunately, I fail. Nevertheless, I am frank about my fatherly adventures when queried. During one of these conversations, a work colleague remarked that I was a “different” type of man. At least different from the men from her generation. You understand, as a woman of a certain age, men from her generation did not carry out the parental duties that I routinely performed. Or at least that is what I was told. I always wanted to be a father actively involved in the growth and development of his children, so duties as a devoted dad didn’t seem all too odd.

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“Let us realize too that even we disenfranchised have our duties.”

W.E.B. Du Bois

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