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The Tie Bar Pocket Square PlaidThe Tie Bar

Gentlemen – rejoice! Currently, we are enthusiastically enjoying a sartorial renaissance of sorts. Pleasantly inundated with a bevy of stylish options, a gentleman can attire himself in a handsome array of clothing, and he doesn’t have to break the bank in doing so. Sure, dressing great can become expensive if a gentleman allows it. And true, there are some items a gentleman cannot maneuver around without dropping some heavy coin. Nevertheless, there exists pathway to smart elegance that doesn’t include high price-tags. Deft utilization of sharp accessories can make an outfit look right-on-the-money without spending a tremendous amount of it. Here, you will find a collection upstart companies that offer insanely inexpensive, superbly stylish accouterments that can definitely elevate a gentleman’s fashion quotient without stressing your pocketbook. Continue reading

Style & Substance – Get “A-round” – Stylish Pocket Rounds At Any Price

Alexander Olch Collage

Sure, we totally understand that the current sartorial climate favors the conservative aesthetics of the conventional pocket square, and the conservative practice of the square fold – even if the folds are slightly irregular. Alternatively, the pocket volcano, also known as the inverted puff fold, is frowned upon in some fashion circles. However, and forgive me for my apparent partiality, but here at The Gentlemen’s Standard, current trends should not preclude a gentleman from variety. And if you have been following men’s style over the past few years, you can appreciate the much-needed injection of variety in men’s style. So in the spirit of variety, today we celebrate the pocket round. Because, in light of recent trends that dictate otherwise, a gentleman should not deprive himself of a little variety. With its crumpled edges and circular shape, a gentleman is afforded no choice but to pinch the “round” in the middle and stuff it in his jacket pocket with the tips exploding upwards. Tired of regular square folds? Give your suit jacket or sports coat a roundhouse kick and punch it up with a pocket round. Check out the following selections and extract the necessary inspiration.

Standard Recommendations – The Tie Bar – Cotton Madras Necktie

The Tie Bar Madras TieThe Tie Bar has become my ultimate go-to source for quality and inexpensive neckties. Seriously. And here is some serious truth: Whenever a necktie garners my attention in a magazine or on the Internet, I immediately visit The Tie Bar online to scour the myriad of patterns, colors, and materials in an attempt to duplicate the necktie of interest. Yes, I really do that. Because, for the low price of $15.00, their neckties are ridiculously good. Given that fact, my present tie collection is heavily stocked with their merchandise; much to the chagrin of my darling wife, as she thinks I own too many neckties. But can a gentleman possess too many? Well…probably. Nevertheless, that being said, I have added another Tie Bar beauty on my must-have list. Comprised of 100% cotton and rocking an impossibly audacious of color and pattern, this offering was constructed with spring on the mind. And spring is coming – I’m just going to ignore those snowflakes fluttering outside my window right now. So, my order is being placed tonight. Those colors are just too awesome to pass up. Sorry Stephanie – I love you.

Standard Recommendations – The Linen Pocket Square

Alfred Dunhill PS

Alfred Dunhill

This endorsement is going to be brief: Every gentleman should own at least one linen pocket square. Okay, that is all, may the remainder of your day be wonderful and productive. Not good enough? Of course, you are correct, I should at least provide some rationale behind my hasty recommendation. Well, believe it or not, spring will soon be upon us. And although linen pocket squares or handkerchiefs can be worn year-round, the changing of the seasons from winter to spring usually mark the reintroduction of lighter, less weighted fabrics. Not that cotton or silk are particularly heavy, but linen provides a nice airy, feathery touch to any gentleman’s suit jacket. Much like a wool pocket, the subtle texture of linen provides a much desired hint of elegance to your presentation. They are very easy to fold, and they remain upright while tucked inside your breast pocket throughout the day. Because linen’s demeanor is so effortlessly easy, so impossibly cool, we humbly suggest an easy fold; a simple square or irregularly squared fold will suffice. And so, there you have it, a few reasons why you should own a linen pocket square. Now, the one presented above is pretty hefty – in price that is – so we also suggesting visiting The Tie Bar and perusing their very affordable selection of squares. Unless, however, you don’t mind dropping $75.00 on a square. In that case, head over to Mr Porter and snatch up the beauty pictured above. The choice is yours. Now – may the remainder of your day be wonderful and productive.

Standard Recommendations – The Tie Bar – Necktie Clips

the tie bar pastelGranted, it can be reasonably argued that extensive ruminations of Spring 2013 are tad premature. Okay – really premature. For many areas, winter has yet to commence its blustery, wintry assault on the local populace. Nonetheless, The Tie Bar has released a tantalizing preview of color imbibed necktie clips that every well-dressed gentleman should mentally note for future considerations. Utilizing a palette of vibrant pastels, these nifty little clips are loaded with whimsical style. I already own a few clips myself, but none in this array of wonderful color. And if you are wondering about performance, these necktie clips are supremely sturdy. I have never encountered any issues with the bar slipping, falling off, or even breaking. In short – these accessories are a solid investment and ridiculously inexpensive at $15.00. So, maintain a watchful eye towards February 2013; 6 colors and three lengths: 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches. I must demonstrate some discipline and self-control and not purchase all six!

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