Gent Hints – Breaking In My Shoes

Grenson BrogueIt is not unusual for a gentleman to liberate a pair of newly purchased oxfords from its box and discover that they are a little snug. Of course, it would be wise to try said oxford on in the shoe department before you submit payment. However, say, you are in a rush, or you ordered a stylish pair from an Internet site. Well, taking your kicks for a sartorial test drive really is not an option. In those circumstances, “breaking in” your footwear may be required. Now, your brogues may not be excruciatingly tight, but a little room or flexibility would be welcome. And so, I have employed a little routine that I utilize for fresh kicks out of the box. For the record, I am referring primarily to dress shoes for this blog entry. So, before I even think about sliding into my leather soled purchase; I retrieve a nice, moderately thick pair of white athletic socks. As best I can, I carefully put on my shoes and walk around the house – as if they were slippers. Now, as they are new with the sole being untouched by the outside elements, I don’t have to worry about transferring dirt to the carpet – or getting admonished by my wife. So, I walk around a bit to afford them a little ease, a little give to the leather. And by the time I wear thinner dress socks at a later date, the fit is just fine. Alternately, you can visit a shoe cobbler and have them stretched professionally. I prefer my method – it’s cheaper.

Standard Recommendations – The Tie Bar – Necktie Clips

the tie bar pastelGranted, it can be reasonably argued that extensive ruminations of Spring 2013 are tad premature. Okay – really premature. For many areas, winter has yet to commence its blustery, wintry assault on the local populace. Nonetheless, The Tie Bar has released a tantalizing preview of color imbibed necktie clips that every well-dressed gentleman should mentally note for future considerations. Utilizing a palette of vibrant pastels, these nifty little clips are loaded with whimsical style. I already own a few clips myself, but none in this array of wonderful color. And if you are wondering about performance, these necktie clips are supremely sturdy. I have never encountered any issues with the bar slipping, falling off, or even breaking. In short – these accessories are a solid investment and ridiculously inexpensive at $15.00. So, maintain a watchful eye towards February 2013; 6 colors and three lengths: 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches. I must demonstrate some discipline and self-control and not purchase all six!

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