Style & Substance – Allen Edmonds Wingtip Brogues

Lombard I Lombard II Lombard III Lombard IVMust-have: a cool pair of medium brown brogue wingtips in your footwear repertoire – striped socks optional.

4 responses

  1. Very nice shoes! I love the burnished calf color. I have a very similar pair and a pair of boots by allen edmonds in the same color. Thanks again for the shoe bank tip, I think my wife got me a sweet pair of brogues for christmas, at half the retail price. Have a great holiday!


  2. I have to say; those shoes are nothing short of exquisite. The shade just whispers warmth. Great choice. On a ‘sombre’ point: at this stage I can only drool at the sales such as the shoe bank. Exchange rate si killing me. There will come a time though.


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