Brotherly Love – Devon Scott

Bro Love - Devon Scott 2Stylish addition by way of intelligent subtraction. This winter season, demonstrate a little discipline and abstain from loud, gaudy patterns and colors. Stripped down to the polished basics, a gentleman can still exude a stately sophistication, even when his chosen sartorial palette is quietly unassuming.

Source: Esquire

The Standard #21

barack-obama-familyThe gentleman should never underestimate the magnitude of a cheerful, happy disposition-especially when that attitude is displayed towards his children. Sure, discipline is a vital function required to raise children. However, the totality of child rearing must be equal parts discipline and equal parts love. He cannot levy seventy-five percent discipline and only twenty-five percent love. And that discipline cannot be driven by anger. That would be unwise. Listen, a gentleman cannot walk around with a scowl etched on a rigid face of granite all the time. Smile. Laugh. Sing. As a father, it is incumbent that he sets the appropriate tone and atmosphere for his household. Children need to witness him being more than that guy who trudges to and from work. Tired. Irritable. Unhappy. Trust this: children are much more perceptive than you award credit, and they absorb the negatively charged climate that you have helped create. Stop. The time has arrived for you to glide through the door and welcome your family with a fresh, joyous attitude. They deserve it. You deserve it. Will it be like that everyday? Probably not. Nevertheless, trust that your efforts will not give audience to blind eye. Your children will definitely notice, and they will love you even more. Feels fantastic doesn’t it?

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