Gentlemen’s Review – Modern Renaissance Man – Vintage Accessories


Leather Brooch

Back in late July, we featured an in-depth profile with a small independent company called Modern Renaissance Man. A company that specializes in classic gentlemanly accessories; the co-owner, Tracy Xavier, was kind enough to share the genesis of her small business, as well as her vision for the future and the current state of menswear. So now, today, we are taking a closer look at the merchandise. First, let’s address our favorite piece amongst the varied selections – their leather brooch. Absolute winner. During my interview with Tracy, I wondered aloud if brooches were something a contemporary gentleman could sport with confidence. And then this weekend I saw retired Baltimore Ravens linebacker (turned NFL commentator), Ray Lewis, rocking one on television. So, okay, that answered that question! That being said, let’s jump into the review.

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Standard Recommendations – The Tie Bar – Necktie Clips

the tie bar pastelGranted, it can be reasonably argued that extensive ruminations of Spring 2013 are tad premature. Okay – really premature. For many areas, winter has yet to commence its blustery, wintry assault on the local populace. Nonetheless, The Tie Bar has released a tantalizing preview of color imbibed necktie clips that every well-dressed gentleman should mentally note for future considerations. Utilizing a palette of vibrant pastels, these nifty little clips are loaded with whimsical style. I already own a few clips myself, but none in this array of wonderful color. And if you are wondering about performance, these necktie clips are supremely sturdy. I have never encountered any issues with the bar slipping, falling off, or even breaking. In short – these accessories are a solid investment and ridiculously inexpensive at $15.00. So, maintain a watchful eye towards February 2013; 6 colors and three lengths: 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches. I must demonstrate some discipline and self-control and not purchase all six!

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