The Standard #20

laptop BWA successful gentleman is also a determined and dedicated gentleman. Sure, there are a myriad of factors that will give rise to varying amounts of success. However, determination and dedication are two character traits that should not be ignored, nor should it be taken for granted. I am going to reveal something today that very few people know about The Gentlemen’s Standard. In the four years that I have been blogging and writing, I did so without the assistance of a laptop. That is correct. Only recently I was blessed with a laptop as a gift from my lovely wife. Now, this may not seem like a humongous deal to some, but blogging without the assistance of a laptop is, well, very difficult. Especially when attempting to sustain a pace that drives traffic and attracts a faithful audience.

So, how did I write all this time without one? I guess the old-fashioned way. I guess I am just an old-fashioned guy. I would write notes to myself pertaining to potential topics. I would memorize potential sentences in my head. I would e-mail myself material to use for future posts. I would then race home to my old desktop (roughly 15 years old) and stay up late cranking out material-sometimes to the chagrin of my wife.

So, it was only until last year that I secured a laptop to make my writing easier. Nevertheless, I am definitely proud of my achievements over the past few years, all without the benefits of a mobile computer. All I possessed was my determination and dedication, along with an old trusty desktop (did I mention slow) to help me along the way. Whatever a gentleman dreams he can do, he must summon the strength and will to bring it to fruition. You can do it. Have faith in God and have faith in yourself; you will be just fine. Determination. Dedication. Master both. I have no doubt you will.

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