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Suit Supply Map Pocket Square Suit Supply Map Pocket Square2Now, I am fully on board with wearing quirky and fun accessories, but I try not to stray too far from the sartorial farm, as my tastes deliberately sway conservative. True enough, pocket squares afford a greater expanse of fashion freedom, but these nifty pieces of colored cloth are still subjected to a traditional selection process – at least in my world. However, that fact could very well change, and it could be changing pretty soon. Thanks to Suit Supply, with whom I have procured some fantastic squares in the past, they are now offering some unique pocket squares adorned with various map motifs. One such motif that caught my attention arrives with a cool map of Africa. Fabric: a spring/summer blend of cotton and silk. Color: a spring/summer of light blue. Definitely a conversation starter without begging for conversation; this pocket square has landed on this gentleman’s wishlist. Yeah – like I need another.

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  1. Mr. Palmer,
    I highly recommend adding these squares to your collection. I just picked up the Africa square this past weekend at the Chicago location! They had a good selection of the map squares on hand. I was quite impressed with the suit supply brand. The fit and fabrics were amazing for the price points. Check them out if you have the chance.
    Be Well,


  2. Just checked the suit supply site and I did see all three of those map squares in store. To Mr. 21st Century and Alexander, I had the same concerns with the map square. I found that with different folds of the square you see a wide range of colors which can complement a variety of shirt and tie combinations. You will certainly get great mileage out of these squares!
    Be Well


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