Style & Substance – Suit Supply Map Pocket Square

Suit Supply Map Pocket Square Suit Supply Map Pocket Square2Now, I am fully on board with wearing quirky and fun accessories, but I try not to stray too far from the sartorial farm, as my tastes deliberately sway conservative. True enough, pocket squares afford a greater expanse of fashion freedom, but these nifty pieces of colored cloth are still subjected to a traditional selection process – at least in my world. However, that fact could very well change, and it could be changing pretty soon. Thanks to Suit Supply, with whom I have procured some fantastic squares in the past, they are now offering some unique pocket squares adorned with various map motifs. One such motif that caught my attention arrives with a cool map of Africa. Fabric: a spring/summer blend of cotton and silk. Color: a spring/summer of light blue. Definitely a conversation starter without begging for conversation; this pocket square has landed on this gentleman’s wishlist. Yeah – like I need another.

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