The Standard #26

elevatorsTo the audience, and I can’t stress this point quite forcefully enough, regardless of a gentleman’s level of employment, absolute professionalism is a must at all times. Seriously. Because, and this is more times often than not, an individual will start a chosen career at ground level. Nevertheless, it is incumbent that a gentleman take responsibility for his own career growth. Entry level should not be tantamount to the “only” level. Embrace a positive attitude, maintain a diligent work ethic, strive to learn continuously, and exude professionalism. Now, that is the second time I have referenced that word – professionalism. It is important. Really important. It could determine how far you travel down your respected career path. You may possess the intelligence, wit, and drive to get the job accomplished; but being a poor professional at your job can undermine your efforts, especially at entry-level.

First rule: Steer clear of childish office politics, or in other words, avoid office gossip. You are at a place of employment – not high school. A gentleman should never speak ill of his supervisor or even co-workers to other people in the workplace. Why? Because, gossip travels. If you have a critique or issue – say it to the individual’s face. No one likes a person they cannot trust. No one likes a two-faced, sneaky, passive aggressive louse that smiles in your face and stabs you in the back. Don’t be that guy in the office. There are already too many count. Stuck in place. Stuck in a rut. But not you because you are above it all. You arrive at work and perform your duties above and beyond what is required. And you do it with a positive attitude. You gain the respect and trust of your peers. You’re moving up in the world like elevators – like a true professional.

2 responses

  1. This was an awesome snippet of a reminder regarding professionalism. It’s so easy to lose your professional bearing in the office due to familiarity and need for bonding, but your words ring 100% true sir.

    Thank you for the classy reminder and encouragement towards the direction we all need to live toward.

    Mr. Leadbetter


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