Style & Substance – That ’70s Necktie

Wide Width NecktieDelicately marinated in a bath of unabashed smoothness; this outfit emerges with a distinct ’70s flavor that only a connoisseur of cool could comprehend. Boasting a necktie width that would make Ron Burgundy burn with envy, this chosen piece of neck wear is a far departure from the emaciated slivers of silk that dangle helplessly around the throats of aspiring fashion-forward gentlemen. Sure, this striped beauty is a touch wide…okay…it’s pretty humongous. But, to that I declare: Whatever man. In a day and age where peacocks frolic to and fro with constricted trousers, Picasso print tops, and height challenged hems; I hereby endorse that ’70s necktie. I understand I may reside in the minority, and I may not be able to locate a necktie that matches the width of a lobster bib, but I am definitely incorporating neckties with broader proportions into my collection. Now the challenge: finding some good stock.

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