Style & Substance – Beware The Peacock…Again

D Wade FloralGranted, I could be totally and utterly wrong with this observation, but the direct translation of runway fashion to everyday, wearable style isn’t as clean and fluent as some may lead you to believe. At best, an average gentleman’s runway interpretation can be viewed as forward-thinking and eclectic. At worst, an average gentleman’s interpretation can be viewed as atrociously affected and forced. In the case of Mr. Wade, his Versace selection of a printed floral leather jacket for his post-game news conference attire leans heavily towards forced – painfully forced in fact. Look, the problem isn’t the floral pattern, nor is it the white leather jacket, rather, it’s the marriage of both in a setting that is miles away from a runway fashion show in Milan. In all of its pretentious glory, it is the classic example of the peacock, confidently frolicking in an unnatural habitat, which happens to be said news conference, post-game in front of reporters. Given the peacockish exploits of Russell Westbrook, I would suppose this scene isn’t too unfamiliar. Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, garish runway fashion is meant to inspire and highlight certain trends in style. Looking at Wade’s jacket, perhaps, I would be inspired to incorporate a floral motif into my pocket square, necktie, or even sport shirt. But, that is as far as I can take it. A white floral leather jacket, and late at night no less? I’ll pass. So, D Wade’s leather bouquet – thumbs up or thumbs down?

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