Style & Substance – The Plaid Necktie

IMG_0759With respect to a gentleman’s necktie, quiet is definitely the preferred pattern of choice. Quiet being an unassuming pattern that doesn’t detract from the elegant entirety of a gentleman’s ensemble. However, a gentleman should not hastily furrow his brow at the thought of turning up the volume, if only ever so slightly, on a few selected neckties. And no time is better than the present, as plaid is definitely hot right now. Truthfully, plaid remains a perennial classic no matter what the year, but there appears to be a focused attention towards this vibrant pattern – much more than usual. Given the season, cotton and silk options are plentiful. Investing in a few would certainly be a wise decision, as plaid would most likely never drift out of style. Now, the hard part: How does a gentleman begin to incorporate such a bold pattern into his presentation? True, it can be tricky. Nevertheless, it can be accomplished. No worries, I’m currently working on a quick and dirty guide to mastering the art of rocking the plaid necktie with confidence and style. Stay tuned.

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