UPTOWN Gentleman: Stylish Shades of Grey

Bad-Polo Ralph Lauren Knit HatThere are few words that can be used to adequately define grey — sartorially speaking that is. Graceful. Dignified. Regal. Stately. And although many gentlemen treat grey as an afterthought, or an unwanted alternative to black, grey actually affords a myriad of fashion options for any guy willing to incorporate a little in his wardrobe. So, how is grey capable of this? Well, grey isn’t exactly just grey. Meaning, there are numerous shades and tints which constitute grey in general, which in turn allows for varying levels of intensity. It could be a light, soft heather grey. Conversely, it could be a dark, solemn charcoal. Therefore, a gentleman’s presentation is never at risk of being tediously monochromatic. Trust, grey has its rewards. Here are a few ways to wear it smartly.

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