UPTOWN Gentleman: Earn Your Stripes

Striped Sweater - BurberryToday’s object of sartorial affection: the seriously striped sweater. Granted, this week’s style endorsement probably won’t persuade every gentleman to raid their local men’s store in a frantic bid to stock up. And granted, perhaps, this week’s endorsement is not appropriately suited for everyone, as horizontal stripes may not flatter men of a certain robust size. Nevertheless, the striped sweater has become quite the sophisticated sweater for gentlemen in recent wintry years. And to be sure, a striped sweater undoubtedly conveys a bold statement that distinguishes it from the standard pack of plain knitwear that usually occupies the shelves this time of year. So, if you are looking for a stylish change of pace, read a little further for a few ideas.

Okay, striped sweaters can be tricky. But, perhaps, you are looking to try something different. So, if this is the case, check out my newest entry for UPTOWN Gentleman HERE; a striped knit just might be in your future.

UPTOWN Gentleman: Top It Off With The Right Topcoat

Acne TopcoatThere are but a few wardrobe staples that a gentleman absolutely, positively must possess in his fashion collection. And given the time of season, we have found it appropriate to highlight an indispensable garment that should be hanging in your closet – the overcoat. Sure, you probably have jackets and light wool coats galore, but if you are a gentleman of a mature age, trust me, you really need an overcoat. And by mature age, I mean you are a guy that will find himself in adult situations such as job interviews, weddings, funerals, classy dinners, and the list can go on forever. Therefore, it would be intelligent that you own an overcoat that coincides with the sophistication of the moment – whatever that moment may be. To ensure that you are smartly prepared, here are a few suggestions…

I’ll admit, it took me quite a few years before I invested in a good topcoat. Actually, I invested in two, one in dark navy and the other in camel. And you if you haven’t yet, perhaps it is time you did. Trust me, I wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction. Check out my topcoat entry over at UPTOWN Magazine and give it some thought.

UPTOWN Gentleman: Stylish Shades of Grey

Bad-Polo Ralph Lauren Knit HatThere are few words that can be used to adequately define grey — sartorially speaking that is. Graceful. Dignified. Regal. Stately. And although many gentlemen treat grey as an afterthought, or an unwanted alternative to black, grey actually affords a myriad of fashion options for any guy willing to incorporate a little in his wardrobe. So, how is grey capable of this? Well, grey isn’t exactly just grey. Meaning, there are numerous shades and tints which constitute grey in general, which in turn allows for varying levels of intensity. It could be a light, soft heather grey. Conversely, it could be a dark, solemn charcoal. Therefore, a gentleman’s presentation is never at risk of being tediously monochromatic. Trust, grey has its rewards. Here are a few ways to wear it smartly.

Hello good people, it’s that time to check out my current post over at UPTOWN Magazine, check me out right HERE!

UPTOWN Gentleman: The Stylish Guy’s Winter Scarf

When a gentleman is presented with the opportunity to smartly accessorize his look, he should readily take advantage of any and all accoutrements that are at his disposal. Over the lifespan of this weekly column, we have explored a broad range of accessories that have included everything from wool pocket squares to vibrant striped socks. Today, we are going to discuss a gentleman’s accessory that is often used this time of the year, but not widely considered an accent piece — the scarf. In terms of function, a gentleman only requires his scarf to perform but one task, and that task is to keep him warm. Fashion, on the other hand, arrives at a distant second. Nevertheless, if a gentleman is going to wrap one around his neck for all to see, it might as well look great. Right? This winter, rethink the purpose of your scarf; here is how.

Okay, don’t let my latest UPTOWN post frighten you. Yes, a gentleman can wear a stylish scarf. And no, it doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. But, for the sake of a good read, please check out my current offering and extract a few ideas for good use. Then, check back here next week for some inexpensive options to stock your closet with. Until then, check out the story HERE and enjoy!

UPTOWN Gentleman: The Need For Tweed

The historical narrative of tweed states that the name itself is an ironic corruption of the word twill. Perhaps due to bad handwriting on a merchant order combined with the immediate proximity of the river Tweed in Scotland, the term tweed gained popularity and has been around centuries later. Now, that slice of history is interesting, but today’s gentleman is more concerned about style and functionality. Autumn begs for clothing that offers depth and character. The rough, woolen fabric offers much-needed protection from the cold and wind. Originally purposed for weekend forays into the wilderness, today’s tweed can be found everywhere from neckties to loafers. Here are a few items that should be found in your closet…

Trust me, during this time of the season, tweed should be making its way into your closet – if it’s not there already. Why? Well, besides keeping you warm under the duress of falling temperatures, it just looks so damn masculine and rich. And not rich as in money; rich as in it affords incredible depth and stylish intricacy to your look. Apologies – I’m babbling. Check out the remainder after the above introduction at the usual spot over at UPTOWN MAGAZINE. Boom!

UPTOWN Gentleman: The Wool Pocket Square

Devout creatures of habit and ardent practitioners of unvarying routines, some gentlemen demonstrate a certain predilection towards sartorial monotony. In other words, they gradually gravitate towards what is fashionably comfortable and they never depart from that orbit. And nothing symbolizes comfortable, safe certainty than cotton. Residing amongst all of his personal furnishings, cotton rules because cotton is king. Cotton shirts. Cotton pants. Cotton socks. However, there are moments when a gentleman should be encouraged to pivot towards other fabric choices. And let us not take the easy way out by turning focused attention to our trusty wool coat; that should be a given heading into the chillier part of the year. But, we are on the right track here. Wool is great, so let’s apply it to an accessory that is usually cotton – the pocket square. Here are six pocket square selections to glean inspiration. Enjoy.

Wool pocket squares have been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. I actually own the pocket square pictured above. Seriously, you should join the club. Check out my online post for UPTOWN Magazine and see why. Oh, yes, that can be found HERE.

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