Style & Substance – Colored Footwear

Colored LoaferFantastic news friend, that sartorial bandwagon for Now-And-Later flavored footwear is still stationed outside, so now is the perfect opportunity to procure a ticket and hop aboard. Honestly, the foreseeable future appears to be stocked with an array of colorful kicks for gentlemanly consumption, so purchasing a cool pair seems less risky than, say, a year ago. Having invested in a few pairs myself, I have concluded that shoes not tinted in standard shades of black or dark brown are actually worthy investments. They smartly afford an outfit added depth and new perspective. So, instead of reaching for those tried and true hues, now a gentleman can complement a faint hint of green in his sport shirt, pick up the shade of burgundy in his watch band, or synchronize with the light blue in his pocket square. Boom – dressing has never been this fun in quite some time. Take advantage gents – take advantage.

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