The Standard #29

MountainHumility. The act of possessing a modest opinion of one’s importance, understanding the complex context of life, and respecting the reality that other individuals may be better at some things than you. Gentlemen, please don’t be mislead by the boisterous musings of silly folk; so enamored by their own greatness that they cannot recognize their own shortcomings. Sometimes a man must recognize his faults and limitations. There is no shame in that. One must understand that embracing humility does not make a gentleman weak, actually, humility strengthens you. It keeps you grounded. It keeps you focused – on the important things in life. It is brazen arrogance that renders a gentleman vulnerable. Trust this: Keep living and life will eventually happen to you. And life can be the greatest administrator of humility. Recognize your position in life, and even if your station ranks well above others, discipline yourself in humility, as the folly of vanity can ultimately become your undoing. You don’t want to discover this bit of wisdom the hard way, but I am sure that you won’t. Maintain the standard my friends; catch you later.

Gentlemen’s Review – Lab Series – Age Rescue + Water Charged Gel Cream

Lab Series Anti-ageMy face is gearing up for a long battle. It is with great stubbornness, accentuated with a modest air of melancholy, that I have accepted the reality of sleep-reduced days for the forseeable future. Factoring in the looming onslaught of dry, cool air the winter season will provide; my face is at a decided disadvantage. Recognizing my skin required an equalizer, I anxiously jumped at the chance to sample Lab Series’ Age Rescue + Water-Charged Gel Cream. With wrinkles and dry skin a distinct possibility, there is no shame in my game when it involves grooming nowadays. If you are a gentleman of a certain age, baby or no baby, polar vortex or no polar vortex, it is never a bad idea to pamper oneself with products that afford the hope of beating back Father Time. So, how does Lab Series Age Rescue + Water-Charged Gel measure up? Let’s dive in gentlemen.


  • With an unusual bluish-green tint, the contents arrive with a refreshingly clean scent. The texture has a light to medium consistency with a moderately greasy touch. If your skin has the tendency to be oily, I would proceed with caution if using this product. Obtaining a sample would be wise before committing to a full jar.
  • Given its slightly oily feel, a gentleman will notice a residual touch on his face a little longer after initial application. It did not bother me, but keep this tidbit in mind if you plan on purchasing a jar.
  • Absorption, however, is an easy transition into the skin as the cream goes on evenly and smoothly.
  • A gentleman can either use his cream as generously or sparingly as he deems necessary. The cream really distributes well, so a few dabs on the fingertips should suffice.
  • Instantly, the hydrating effects can be felt within your skin as a cooling sensation sweeps across the face.
  • Ringing in at hefty $50.00 per jar, it may be hard for a gentleman to commit to such an expensive moisturizer. Therefore, depending on your needs and lifestyle, the decision is ultimately your own. Truthfully, even when using everyday, a gentleman should be able to extract 2 months of usage from a single jar.
  • Available sizes: 1.7 oz ($50.00)

Product Specifications

Lab Series Age Rescue + Water Charged Gel Cream

Lab Series Skincare for Men Age Rescue + Water-Charged Gel Cream is a new innovation that unleashes the power of ginseng to help save skin from the visible effects of aging, stress and fatigue. It boosts natural collagen to help visibly repair lines, wrinkles and increase firmness while providing intense hydration instantly, over 24 hours and long-term. G-Action™ speeds energizing ginseng straight to the skin, amplifying skin’s potential to work hard and recover fast for a revitalized look while a powerful peptide duo provides intensified repair to help support skin’s natural collagen production and AO-10™, a complex of 10 top antioxidants, helps neutralize the damage caused by the environment to hold off the signs of aging.

Key Ingredients

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

The Standard #33

mistakeTo be truthful, despite earnest attempts to uphold a gentlemanly standard, a gentleman will always be subject to the possibility of failure. Given that living one’s life in perfection is an impossibility, missteps and mistakes are almost certain to occur. It is an inevitability. Nevertheless, it is paramount that a gentleman understand his shortcoming, and it is more important that he extracts wisdom from his failure. Diligently, he must strive to apply the proper corrective measures to ensure that the esteemed, personal standard he has established is met. Don’t squander precious time persecuting yourself.

Moreover, don’t grant time to individuals that want to continuously persecute and shame you. They are vulnerable to same mistakes as you, and constant reminders of your failure can negatively affect your spirit and focus. Privately and quietly – humble yourself. Admit your faults and recognize your error. A gentleman must not seek refuge in denial, instead, exhibit sincere contrition and work to prevent such failures from occurring again. You will emerge a more mature gentleman, fully knowing that you are still susceptible to making mistakes, but understanding how to try to avoid them in the future, and how to better deal with your missteps when it happens again.

Gent Hints – Leather Glove Maintenance

LexolWith winter just around the corner, and in preparation of potential arctic temperatures, it would behoove the gentleman to ready himself accordingly. As part of that readiness plan, equipping oneself with the necessary wintry accoutrements is a given. High on that list of accoutrements would be leather gloves. For all intents and purposes, leather in its most basic design is skin, albeit animal skin (rawhide), but skin nonetheless. During the manufacturing process, the rawhide is treated with varying tanning methods that grant pliability, suppleness, and durability. As time slowly progresses, if left untreated, leather will gradually become stripped of its natural oils. It is important that these essential oils are replenished to maintain the leather’s integrity. The loss of essential oils is probably most troublesome in the winter, as the air progressively becomes cold and dry.

So, given the brutal weather ahead, combined with laborious tasks such as shoveling snow, your leather gloves are primed to take a beating. To keep your gloves well-maintained and appropriately conditioned, I would humbly suggest investing in a bottle of Lexol. Readily available at a cobbler, a discount retail store, or even an automotive store; Lexol is a leather cleaner and conditioner all at the same time. Simply don your leather gloves, dispense what is required to bring life to your leather, and rub your hands together until the results are satisfactory. Adopted as routine maintenance, a gentleman can easily extend the life of leather gloves, beating back the inevitability of cracking and drying under cold, harsh conditions. It is a small attention to detail that will certainly go a long way. Stay stylish and keep warm gentlemen.

Gentlemen’s Review – Jack Black – Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel

Eye BalmDesperate times – more specifically sleep training an infant – beckon desperate measures. Now, despite the gradual adaptation to sleep starvation a parent’s body will undergo, inevitably, that does not mean the repercussions won’t eventually present itself – namely in the face. It is true that as the body summons the fortitude to forge through the day, it is the face that lags, and mostly sags, behind. Thus, I decided to think outside the box a little and adjust my grooming regimen. Now, over the past year, it was not uncommon for me to drowsily stagger into my cubicle, eyes burning with puffiness and heaviness. In needed something to assuage my sleep-deprived eyes. Enter Jack Black Eye Balm – Age Minimizing Gel.

As I have matured, previously held reservations have granted ground to open-mindedness. In my late 30s, I am more receptive to the notion that personal grooming is more so preventative maintenance, rather than selfish exercises in vanity. Mentally, looking your best can certainly yield positive results regarding attitude and outlook. A gentleman can look his best, feel his best, and in turn – be the best gentleman he can. A little exaggerated? Perhaps. Yet, the possibility of dark circles around my eyes, accented by deeply-entrenched wrinkles can be a definite downer when looking in the mirror. And so, I decided to give this offering from Jack Black an opportunity to address my eye dilemma. So, let’s dive into my experience.


  • Arriving in a 14 mL tube, the Jack Black eye balm is clear in its appearance and odorless with a light gel consistency.
  • The application of the gel is smooth, quickly absorbing into the skin without bothersome residue.
  • The area underneath your eye is relatively small so only a pin-sized amount is required to provide suitable coverage.
  • The frequency of use is totally up to you. Jack Black recommends a daily regimen of morning and night application. Personally, I usually apply a dab to each eye in the morning. Going forward, I may integrate some usage at night, but currently I am fine with my morning usage after I apply my moisturizer.
  • Even if a gentleman cannot visibly discern an immediate difference, he will however be able to feel the difference. Upon application, my eyes were relieved of their puffiness as the skin gently tightened and were refreshed.
  • Some gentlemen may allow the price to deter them from investing in this eye balm. However, a gentleman will be able to extract prolonged usage from a single tube, simply because of the small amount required to treat the eyes.
  • Available sizes: 0.5 oz ($24.00)

Product Specifications

Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel with Vitamins A & E

This high-potency eye treatment contains advanced ingredients and soothing extracts to provide three key benefits–it helps reduce puffiness, softens the appearance of dark circles and helps alleviate fine lines and wrinkles. Intense moisturizers penetrate tissue and help it maintain critical moisture, keeping skin hydrated and younger-looking. The lightweight gel formula soaks in immediately, leaving no trace on skin or greasy after feel.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamins A and E, beta-carotene and vitamin C, high potency vitamins known to help ease the signs of aging. 
  • Grape seed extract to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Chamomile extract, camellia extract and cornflower extract to help soothe and calm skin.
  •  Panthenol to condition and soften skin.

For more information about Jack Black products, please visit Jack Black HERE for more details.

Gentlemen’s Standard Approved

Disclosure: TGS was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

The Villain in Black

van heusenWith utter incredulity, I intently listened to a guest on CNN, unabashed and absent shame, posit a theory that perhaps since Eric Garner could articulate the fact that he could not breathe, that he could in fact, breathe. And with that level of doubt in place, the officer reasonably could surmise that Mr. Garner was being untruthful, and therefore the threat had to be neutralized despite impassioned pleas to the contrary. So, if I am grasping this line of thinking correctly, if I ever encounter an individual in physical distress, perhaps experiencing shortness of breath or tightness in the chest; if said person can communicate that distress, then obviously they must not be in that much distress to begin with. Commonsense really isn’t all that common nowadays. Eric Garner died on July 17th, 2014 in Staten Island, New York after being placed in a choke-hold and being forcibly restrained face down on the concrete as he pleaded he could not breathe. He was accused of selling loose cigarettes.

In the United States, it has been an enduring practice to denigrate, vilify, and cloak the black male in villainy. This is not opinion, this is historical fact; please Google Black Americana if you reside in the camp of the unbelieving. We have been assigned the caricature of Brute – savage, animalistic, destructive, and criminal. And just because this historical fact is ugly does preclude it from being fact. Seriously, research the subject. The brute caricature has been methodically and systematically embedded into the American psyche for decades. And because of this racial indoctrination, it has unsurprisingly birthed a hyper-response from people who feel the brute must be rendered powerless, usually through violent means.

Now, contemporary times have witnessed a discreet application of this prejudiced practice, but make no mistake, whether the disgusting caricature is perpetuated by media, various companies, or even our own people within the African-American community; the lens through which some Americans view black men has become so distorted, even the most irrational acts of mistreatment and violence are made rational with conjecture and conflation. Look no further than the increasingly all too common incidents of unarmed black men being killed by law enforcement.

Now, I carry and conduct myself in a respectable, gentlemanly, and upright manner. And if you know me personally, you will understand that to be fairly accurate. During my lifetime, I can count at least four encounters with police – all minor traffic stops. None of them resulted in tickets, and apparently, none of those encounters resulted in my death. However, I fully recognize that I have experienced good fortune. I have not had any encounters with an officer, maybe on edge, with visions of Nino Brown, O-Dog, or maybe the last unsavory black guy he had dealt with driving his actions. As potent as any mind-altering substance, medicinal or otherwise, perception can negatively augment a person’s opinion of reality if the atmosphere is right.

Despite meaningful advances in race relations here in the United States, we cannot ignore the existing cruel irony that our country remains largely in part racially segregated. And unfortunately that segregation isolates the African-American experience from certain groups in our nation, thus leaving them to formulate a racial ideology that relies heavily on antiquated stereotypes and prejudices that dictate judgment, all from a perspective of privilege and general societal acceptance. At best, this line of thinking can result in uncomfortable, clumsy conversation; or at worst – a fatal encounter. The power of perception cannot be underestimated.

So, let’s begin an honest dialogue. I have had numerous conversations, mostly entirely with coworkers, where the proverbial foot became lodged in someone’s mouth due to racial indifference or ignorance. The conversations were sometimes brutal, always frank and always candid. Nonetheless, a mutual understanding was accomplished. And that understanding: My narrative should not be scripted by a media bias that traffics fear and misinformation. My narrative should not written by some indiscriminate black male that is not conducting himself with integrity, righteousness, and virtue. Most of all, my narrative should not be written by an institution of racism that marginalizes, reviles, and disparages my character.

Are all people in America driven by racial fear? Of course not. But there are enough people driving the subconscious commentary that black men such as myself are to be feared – until we prove otherwise. Denial or ambivalence to this problem is but tacit complicity to the problem itself. Years ago, I recall leaving work, broad daylight mind you, when I walk outside and find a coworker was standing by the door. She turned around, looked at me, and let loose the most primal, blood-curdling scream one could ever hear. She was scared – hell – that scream scared me too. I am not exaggerating, she let loose a continuous scream that lasted for about 3-4 seconds.

Now, everyone has been startled at one point in time in their life. But how many of you actually screamed like someone was trying to murder you? Seriously, all I did was step outside the door. Did I mention this was in broad daylight at a public building and we were coworkers? Well, I was obviously the Invisible Man because as I had seen her around the lab, my presence undoubtedly went unnoticed. I am fortunate that 1) She didn’t have a Glock 19 9mm and shot me because she feared for her life. 2) There weren’t police in the area that swooped in guns blazing because they feared for her life. 3) There weren’t some overzealous good Samaritans that swooped in guns blazing because they feared for her life.

The common thread – fear. Am I being hyperbolic? Well, it only took a Cleveland officer 2 seconds to assess a police situation, and then  fatally shoot 12 year Tamir Rice. Described as a 20 year old black male when the officer radioed in the shooting, Rice was brandishing a pellet gun. I am not a brute. I am a man – a black man. My life matters. There is a troubling racial disconnect afoot. It has been for a long time, but it’s an ugly topic few want to discuss. So, let’s talk.

Standard Recommendations – Merona 4 Pocket Wool Utility Coat

Target Field JacketIt was but a short time ago – September 18th to be exact – that I proudly proclaimed my adoration for the gentleman’s field jacket. A robust option employed to engage gradually declining temperatures before they totally bottom out, I declared the field jacket as an essential piece for fall/winter outerwear. That being said, I would like to direct your attention to Merona’s stylish interpretation of said piece of outerwear. Wait – Merona? Yes – that Merona.

Now, before I offer my unsolicited endorsement to the audience, I would like to address a misguided belief circulating throughout the style universe for men. Some dapper gentleman will have you believe that if you’re not wearing an expensive, brand name article of clothing, somehow you cannot be stylish. That is simply nonsense. Yes, in the midst of our renaissance of sorts for men’s style, style snobs have become rather aggressive with their critiques of what is and what isn’t stylish.

Granted, there will be occasions when a gentleman will have to lay down some serious coin for quality and aesthetically pleasing menswear. Nevertheless, true style is more so the how a gentleman artfully arranges his ensemble rather than the what he is arranging. And now, back to that Merona jacket. Yes, it is a Target house brand. And yes, it is probably manufactured in China. However, those facts do not disqualify this jacket from being a great jacket. I know this from first-hand account.

True, I have items in my closet that can be considered expensive. However, I am not a gentleman that will shun any particular brand due to its origins. This offering from Merona is a fantastic choice for moderately cold weather. It delivers in the department that it was manufactured for – warmth. It is neither slim or bulky, but it is sufficiently heavy. The construction is tight and is excellent at blocking out arctic wind, or as some people like to call it – the hawk. With a heavyweight wool & polyester twill shell, this jacket will definitely keep you warm when the temperatures fluctuate between the high 20s to low 40s.

And for style, the shoulder epaulets and 4 pocket design certainly lends an air of no-nonsense masculinity. It doesn’t have a hood, so ensure you equip your person with a hat and scarf. Offered in charcoal heather, ebony, and dark grey; this jacket can be obtained for a ridiculously low $79.99 with 60% off a second jacket if you choose to splurge. Don’t allow the price, or the fact that it is a Target jacket mislead you, this is a great value. If you are in the market, at least afford yourself the courtesy and check it out if you happen to be in a Target. You won’t regret it. Stay stylish gentlemen.

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