Gentlemen’s Review – Armstrong & Wilson – Pocket Squares

Armstrong and Wilson Collage 3Construction & Price

Okay, let’s get to the quick and dirty regarding construction and price. First off, the merchandise is manufactured right here in America. Excellent! The signature button detail can arrive in the form of suede, wood, horn, or leather – depending on the pocket square you purchase. Each button is firmly sewn into place with a finished buttonhole residing at the adjacent tip. No loose or dangling threads were observed. The edges are rolled and finished as well, sometimes with a contrasting stitch. Again, this is dependent upon the pocket square you select.

A gentleman will have no problem achieving a variety of folds, as each pocket square measures a generous 13 x 13 inches. As stated before, the feel is solid, so a gentleman won’t have any worries about his square withering in his suit jacket pocket. Pocket squares usually don’t take a lot of abuse, so a square should last you an entire lifetime.

Depending on the material and design, prices range from $55 to $85. So, the question: Are they worth the price tag? If your budget allows for it and you have a fondness for specialty items, a pocket square from Armstrong and Wilson may be for you. The variety and quality of color, pattern, and fabric (along with the overall packaging presentation) more than justify the cost. If your suit is showing faint signs of blandness, an Armstrong & Wilson pocket square just may be what you require to kick it up a notch.

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