Gentlemen’s Review – Armstrong & Wilson – Pocket Squares

Armstrong and Wilson CollageMaterial

Now let’s address the material component for these luxurious pocket squares. The primary reason that the colors exude an energetic pop is the sublime texture of the material. The distinctive fabrics readily allow for deep gorgeous color to radiate. And conversely, the selected colors allow the texture to really be showcased. The current lineup of fabric for purchase: cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, and wool/cashmere.

Of the pocket squares in my rotation, the cotton offering is extremely soft with a very light felt touch. And despite linen possessing a reputation for being prone to wrinkles, the linen pocket squares from Armstrong and Wilson hold up very well. The feel is a little stiff but not too rugged. The wool and cashmere blend shares the same softness as its cotton brethren but without the felt appearance. It cannot be overstated, the material here is lovely – both to the eye and to the touch. I am not sure where they source their fabric, but they have certainly been meticulous in their selection. It shows.

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