Style & Substance – Brown Checked Blazer & Green Knit Necktie

Check Blazer - Green Tie

Source: Alan See

Simply stated – this works. And it works extremely well. I love when gentlemen venture outside the safe confines of the proverbial paint-by-the-numbers, sartorial box. However, please note, such experimentation should be executed in a sophisticated and classy manner. When creative, stylish thought is tempered by intelligent practicality; the reward can be a gorgeous portrait of stunning elegance – as evidenced by the deft coordination above. The slightly aggressive powdery brown check. The mildly coarse mossy green hue. All brought together on a calming canvas of white. Note: If your jacket bears an assertive pattern like this bullish check, a solid necktie (with slight hint of texture) is probably the best partner to introduce into the equation. However, a necktie with a discreet pattern could work as well. So, take a studied look, draw the necessary inspiration, and dress accordingly gentlemen.

Standard Recommendations – The Linen Pocket Square

Alfred Dunhill PS

Alfred Dunhill

This endorsement is going to be brief: Every gentleman should own at least one linen pocket square. Okay, that is all, may the remainder of your day be wonderful and productive. Not good enough? Of course, you are correct, I should at least provide some rationale behind my hasty recommendation. Well, believe it or not, spring will soon be upon us. And although linen pocket squares or handkerchiefs can be worn year-round, the changing of the seasons from winter to spring usually mark the reintroduction of lighter, less weighted fabrics. Not that cotton or silk are particularly heavy, but linen provides a nice airy, feathery touch to any gentleman’s suit jacket. Much like a wool pocket, the subtle texture of linen provides a much desired hint of elegance to your presentation. They are very easy to fold, and they remain upright while tucked inside your breast pocket throughout the day. Because linen’s demeanor is so effortlessly easy, so impossibly cool, we humbly suggest an easy fold; a simple square or irregularly squared fold will suffice. And so, there you have it, a few reasons why you should own a linen pocket square. Now, the one presented above is pretty hefty – in price that is – so we also suggesting visiting The Tie Bar and perusing their very affordable selection of squares. Unless, however, you don’t mind dropping $75.00 on a square. In that case, head over to Mr Porter and snatch up the beauty pictured above. The choice is yours. Now – may the remainder of your day be wonderful and productive.

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