Style & Substance – Brown Checked Blazer & Green Knit Necktie

Check Blazer - Green Tie

Source: Alan See

Simply stated – this works. And it works extremely well. I love when gentlemen venture outside the safe confines of the proverbial paint-by-the-numbers, sartorial box. However, please note, such experimentation should be executed in a sophisticated and classy manner. When creative, stylish thought is tempered by intelligent practicality; the reward can be a gorgeous portrait of stunning elegance – as evidenced by the deft coordination above. The slightly aggressive powdery brown check. The mildly coarse mossy green hue. All brought together on a calming canvas of white. Note: If your jacket bears an assertive pattern like this bullish check, a solid necktie (with slight hint of texture) is probably the best partner to introduce into the equation. However, a necktie with a discreet pattern could work as well. So, take a studied look, draw the necessary inspiration, and dress accordingly gentlemen.

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