Style & Substance – The Eldredge Knot

Eldredge-KnotBehold, in all of its complex pageantry – The Eldredge Knot. This peculiar knot has leisurely traveled the Internet circuit over the last few months – perhaps even longer; impressing a great deal of forward-thinking gentlemen and equally confounding a multitude of others. The opinion: a dazzling exhibition of creative artistry; or an undesirable, trendy display that is unequivocally hideous. Whatever side you fall on, the Eldredge knot is certainly a conversation starter. So, what are my personal thoughts on this seemingly complex knot? Well…

  • The Eldredge knot is unnecessarily complicated. Sure, I’ve read that once you learn the knotting process that it is simple. But the diagram I viewed revealed at least 15 steps to achieve the desired result. I can knot a Four-In-Hand or Half-Windsor in far less. And while I am not standing before a mirror for an exorbitant amount of time, knotting my neckties the old-fashioned way does require a meticulous hand to achieve a nice dimple and correct length. So, why would I want to tack on an extra 10 minutes to my routine?
  • The knotting process itself can be brutal on a necktie. Sure, your necktie could be comprised of the finest material that can withstand the beating. But why would I want to subject one of my finest neckties to a sadistic ritual of continuous twists and wraps?
  • Simply stated: The necktie looks like it has been knotted backwards.
  • And I am not sure how this knot performs if the necktie is patterned. The presentation just doesn’t look clean.
  • However, I can see how this can work in the trendy world. Alas, that is not a world I live in. This knot is simply not functional for my lifestyle, which compared to some, could be considered boring.
  • Besides, I am far from a flashy gentleman. And this knot screams look-at-me. Remember: Beware the peacock. If I want to stand out, I will do so through a deft execution of color, pattern, and fabric coordination. This just seems like a gimmick.

However, to each his own. If this looks like a fun knot to you, and you want a challenge, then go right ahead my friend and tie one one. I just won’t be in that collective rocking it with you. So, what say the gentlemen, thumbs up or thumbs down?


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