Style & Substance – Get Down With Brown

Peter MillarUnderrated and unappreciated; unfortunately the color brown has been buried beneath an avalanche of lively, energetic color over the last few years. And color is fine – trust me, it really is perfectly fine. However, don’t forget those chosen hues that are meant to convey a conservative demeanor. Of course, we are speaking of the usual suspects: black, navy, and charcoal gray. But even with that selected array of traditional colors, brown is still left curbside, largely ignored because the only people who rock brown on the regular are United Parcel Service workers. Well, what can brown do for you? In my humble opinion – a lot. So, in an earnest effort this incorporate a little brown into my wardrobe, I have slowly added some select pieces into my closet. Pictured above are two examples. The shirt is courtesy of Peter Millar; a contrast collar dress shirt with a wicked light brown glen plaid print. The necktie is a Hart Schaffner Marx with a deep chocolate color with a subtle repeating stripe that spans the length of its body. Both were purchased on separate occasions, but I was surprised to see how well they both worked together. A little aggressive with the pattern coordination? Perhaps. My wife voiced her disapproval upon seeing the two paired together. Nonetheless, I fancy both the shirt and necktie as a couple. Sure, I could wear each separately, but I don’t think I’ll be divorcing this pair anytime soon.

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  1. Mr. Palmer can you pair say a brown shirt with a suit picture wise? I can’t picture the shirt and tie combo with say navy suit. That’s just my simple 2 cents. I work on that next time I hit say Nordstroms . I love brown and its various shades just having a tough go shirt wise. Thanks brotha.


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