The Standard #18

Jesse OwensFirmly standing upright under an unrelenting, blistering storm of vitriolic contempt and caustic distrust, the successful gentleman remains undeterred in his journey towards triumph. Triumph – born of an unwavering resolve and complete assurance in his abilities; this gentleman cannot be denied what he has tirelessly striven for. And despite ardent attempts to trivialize his work, undermine his legitimacy, or boldly question his intellect; ignorance and hatred will be trumped every time. Believe it. No amount of mockery can shake his confidence. He is resolute. He is intelligent. He is courageous. More importantly, he recognizes that there exists individuals consumed with hubris and guided by conceit, which ultimately hastens their downfall. So, he stays in his lane and does what he does best – win. Are you a winner?

Heritage – Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison

  • Born Chloe Ardelia Wofford on February 18, 1931
  • Graduated from Lorain High School in 1949
  • Earned Bachelor of Arts in English from Howard University in 1953
  • Earned Masters of Arts in English from Cornell University in 1955
  • English instructor at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas from 1955–57
  • Senior editor at Random House beginning from 1967-83
  • Authored The Bluest Eye in 1970
  • Authored Sula in 1974
  • Authored Song of Solomon in 1977
  • Awarded National Book Critics Circle Award for Song of Solomon in 1977
  • Appointed to National Council on the Arts
  • Authored Tar Baby in 1981
  • Wrote play Dreaming Emmett, it premiered in 1986
  • Authored Beloved in 1987
  • Awarded Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for Beloved in 1988
  • Awarded MLA Commonwealth Award in Literature in 1989
  • Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993
  • Awarded Pearl Buck Award in 1994
  • Authored The Big Box in 1999
  • Awarded National Humanities Medal in 2000
  • Authored The Book of Mean People in 2002
  • Received Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Oxford University in 2005
  • Awarded Norman Mailer Prize – Lifetime Achievement in 2009
  • Received Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Geneva in 2011
  • Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012

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