Style & Substance – The Cotton Gingham Necktie

J Crew Cotton Necktie

J. Crew – Mr Porter

I will readily submit, it is probably painfully premature for most gentlemen to concern themselves with spring attire. My friends in Houghton, Michigan are getting buried beneath a metric ton of snow as we speak. And bravo to Michigan Technological University for canceling classes for two consecutive days, which is an extreme rarity for students. But I digress, it does not hurt to appreciate the exquisite beauty of a fine spring necktie to lift the spirits. So gentlemen, you need not worry for too long, spring is on the way. I promise – really. So, let’s take a look at a beautiful necktie that is sure to provide a needed jolt to your attire. Because, and we are positive with the following assumption, you have most likely drudged around all winter with somber hues carefully draped around your neck. Good news friend; emancipation is on the way. So, what makes this necktie the great liberator? Well, for one, it arrives in a jaunty gingham pattern. And two, it’s woven with 100% cotton. Both are certainly not your customary winter staples. Here is how it should be worn…

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