Step In The Right Direction – The Stylish Gentleman’s Footwear Checklist

pp black shoeTrust, people can tell a lot about a gentleman from the shoes that he wears, even something that he may not want them to know. How we present ourselves in general – our clothing, grooming and demeanor all reveal aspects of who we are, but a shoe can speak volumes about someone’s character. It dramatically changes the look of an outfit and gives an immediate impression as to who you are and what you represent. A shoe can reveal your age, social status, character, and personal level of success.

Shoes not only serve a practical function but are also more revealing about your personality than you think. Apart from the obvious – trainers for sport or a formal brogue for work, your selection of footwear offers intimate details about your individuality. An extrovert, perhaps an artistic gentleman, will wear flashy, daring, and brightly colored shoes. An introvert may wear safe, practical shoes that won’t make such a bold statement.

Take a look at the shoes you are wearing now. Are they clean? Do they shine? Are the heels worn down? These details say something about you and may influence how you are perceived, the service you receive, and the level of confidence you exude. Shoes transmit immediate socioeconomic status, and failing to wear the right shoe with a chosen outfit or keep them clean makes a statement. Not all shoes are suited for every single occasion. It is advisable to have a clear idea of when to wear certain styles. Here, we have partnered with UK’s premium department store House of Fraser to offer a simple guide to help you step in the right direction – of course, with the right dress shoe.

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