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j crew cashmere socksJ. Crew

So, as the cashier quietly tabulated the cost of my latest haul of gentlemanly hosiery, I noticed that a few selections in the bunch were priced higher than others. Thinking that was slightly odd, I surmised that I had haphazardly read the price-tags, thus leading to the modestly higher prices than I expected. And so, as I began my departure from the shopping outlet, I decided to inspect the price-tags once again. As I expected, I had misread the lapels and totally muffed the cost. Nevertheless, they were double discounted, so the damage was minimal. I also discovered the reason why three of my socks were valued a little more – they were of a cashmere blend.  Actually – 23% cashmere, 45% viscose, and 32% nylon – to be exact. Now to be perfectly honest, up to this point in my fashion life, I had only dealt with cotton or various cotton blends in regards to socks. And I was fine with that.

So, what could be so special about cashmere socks; perhaps they are an unnecessary luxury to possess – right? Well…after slipping my feet into a warm, devilishly soft pair….that is an argument I cannot make. Seriously, the difference between my cotton companions and my newly acquired cashmere buddies: night and day. I could feel the difference immediately; if you thought a cashmere sweater felt divine, try wearing one on your feet! And let us not forget the other components here. The hint of nylon provided a bit of stretch and resiliency, while the viscose added some tough softness into the equation. In all, I purchased three pairs: gray, purple, and green. The texture is fantastic. The fit is great. And the comfort…fabulous. If you ever have a chance to score a pair, I would highly endorse the purchase. You won’t regret it.

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  1. How do you find the durability to be? I’ve always bought the cheap Gold Toe brands at Kohls and the durability can be lacking. I worry that you find the cashmere less durable than cotton.


    • I have found Gold Toe to be hit and miss. However, I have a lot of socks so that mitigates the damage from continuously wearing the same pair of socks. As for the cashmere ones, they appear to be pretty durable, but for full disclosure, I did pick them up on sale from a Saks Outlet near me. So, the quality is probably better than, say, a JC Penney pair. Expensive stores does not always dictate quality, but in this case, cashmere socks should probably be fetched from a reputable men’s store. I’ve had no problems thus far, but I don’t wear them too often given that I only have three pair. And I will probably end up hand washing them to minimize the damage in the washing machine, or at least wash them with Woolite on the gentle cycle in a mesh washing bag.


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