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Iman Blyther Brotherhood

  • Brotherhood is an intimate association of men that are not actually blood bothers. It is a fraternity of young men that have grown to become adult men together, overcome many of the same obstacles in life, and have continued to build a relationship with each other over several years.
  • I realized I was part of a brotherhood after I finished my intake process with the Society of African-American Men (S.A.A.M.) while at Michigan Technological University. I was no longer a boy without any siblings, I was transformed into young man that was now part of lifelong friendships – something I had dreamed of my entire life. Being a part of something in which words couldn’t even begin to explain.
  •  S.A.A.M. helped me grow as a man by showing me what it was to be and become a man.
  • It helped me with my confidence and built the kind character for myself that would be respected by all. It also showed me that in order to get respect, I would first need to learn to give it.
  • I would consider myself to be a much better person because of the organization that I joined many years ago. I have been in this brotherhood for more than 15 years now, and I would not trade anything I’ve been through for all the riches in the world. My brothers are all the riches I need.
  • There are many benefits to being a part of such a great group, but the biggest benefit is the friendship. Knowing I can email, call, text, etc anyone at anytime to say, what up, how you doing, how’s your family, what’s new, or even just I love you. It is by far the biggest benefit to being in such a tight-knit group.
  • How has my brotherhood helped me through a tough time? One tough time in particular is when my grandfather passed. Not sure of whom to talk to, I called up some members of S.A.A.M. and they assured me that if there was anything I needed from cash, to a listening ear, to just whatever I needed, I was told to call at anytime, day or night. That right there, assured me that the organization I had joined, was the right one for me.
  • These are men that you can call upon at anytime to laugh with, cry with, argue with or just share some gospel with. It’s a brotherhood for LIFE.

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  1. Bruva, as your brother. I am truly humbled by your heart felt words. It just confirms to me the importance of SAAM and its lifelong impact on all of us blessed to be apart of this unique brotherhood. On the real you got me teary eyed my brother. That is real talk. Much Love. Peace.




  2. Swo, once again thank you for your words. It has truly been a crazy 15+ years of brotherhood, but has definitely been worth it. Words can’t even begin to express how grateful and blessed to be in an organization such as S.A.A.M.

    S.A.A.M. 4 LIFE


  3. Just curious – never heard of S.A.A.M. As a member of another organization (let’s just say black and olde gold are among my favorite colors), wondering if your intake process is one that builds brothers up? Sounds very positive and much needed! Either way, good stuff and congrats on the brotherhood!


    • Yes, the intake process is similar. S.A.A.M. is unique to Michigan Tech’s campus. Recognizing the lack of a collective African American male presence on campus, two men started the organization in an effort to build unity and prepare men for national fraternities if they so chose to join. Established in 1991, we have members that are Omega (the original fraternity that members eventually crossed to), Kappa, and Sigma. And some chose not to join a frat at all. Nonetheless, we still come together under S.A.A.M. as we have remained close throughout the years. But, when you are isolated from the rest of civilization (Houghton, MI) and you (African-Americans) are less than 1% of the population – you have no choice but to be close. LOL


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