The Art of Shaving – The Brotherhood of Shaving

AOS POWERSHAVEFINEWant to join the brotherhood of shaving? Well, if you are a gentleman that shaves, you can also be a gentleman that saves. By simply becoming an elite member of The Art of Shaving’s “Brotherhood of Shaving”, you will have access to the private Friends & Family shopping event where you can save 20% off all The Art of Shaving products.  Perfect Shave Rewards Member’s will receive 20% off their entire purchase when they shop in stores or on-line starting January 25 through the 27th  with the experts that developed the science behind the perfect shave. With no fees required, a gentleman can sign up with the elite “Brotherhood” at  to receive access to the exclusive sale starting Friday, January 25, as well as information on upcoming events and promotions! Did I mention that signing up is free? Simply fill out a short form online and your redemption code will be e-mailed directly to your inbox. Boom!

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