UPTOWN Gentleman: Earn Your Stripes

Striped Sweater - BurberryToday’s object of sartorial affection: the seriously striped sweater. Granted, this week’s style endorsement probably won’t persuade every gentleman to raid their local men’s store in a frantic bid to stock up. And granted, perhaps, this week’s endorsement is not appropriately suited for everyone, as horizontal stripes may not flatter men of a certain robust size. Nevertheless, the striped sweater has become quite the sophisticated sweater for gentlemen in recent wintry years. And to be sure, a striped sweater undoubtedly conveys a bold statement that distinguishes it from the standard pack of plain knitwear that usually occupies the shelves this time of year. So, if you are looking for a stylish change of pace, read a little further for a few ideas.

Okay, striped sweaters can be tricky. But, perhaps, you are looking to try something different. So, if this is the case, check out my newest entry for UPTOWN Gentleman HERE; a striped knit just might be in your future.

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