UPTOWN Gentleman: The Stylish Guy’s Winter Scarf

When a gentleman is presented with the opportunity to smartly accessorize his look, he should readily take advantage of any and all accoutrements that are at his disposal. Over the lifespan of this weekly column, we have explored a broad range of accessories that have included everything from wool pocket squares to vibrant striped socks. Today, we are going to discuss a gentleman’s accessory that is often used this time of the year, but not widely considered an accent piece — the scarf. In terms of function, a gentleman only requires his scarf to perform but one task, and that task is to keep him warm. Fashion, on the other hand, arrives at a distant second. Nevertheless, if a gentleman is going to wrap one around his neck for all to see, it might as well look great. Right? This winter, rethink the purpose of your scarf; here is how.

Okay, don’t let my latest UPTOWN post frighten you. Yes, a gentleman can wear a stylish scarf. And no, it doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. But, for the sake of a good read, please check out my current offering and extract a few ideas for good use. Then, check back here next week for some inexpensive options to stock your closet with. Until then, check out the story HERE and enjoy!

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