Style & Substance – Striped Berry & Gray Socks With Loafers

It’s true, I have not summoned the necessary courage to deploy the impossibly trendy, unapologetic no-sock presentation at work. Hey, a wise gentleman recognizes his sartorial limitations. Besides, it was a tad bit nippy outside today in good old Michigan. Thus, I smartly retrieved a cool pair of striped, cotton Hugo Boss socks from the bottom dresser drawer and headed out to work. During a brief meeting this morning, a co-worker quickly noticed my whimsical hosiery. She seemed to like them. She thought they could make for a great uni-sex sock. Well, I don’t know about all of that, but they look pretty good on these manly dogs. Woof!

Heritage – Carter G. Woodson

  • Carter Godwin Woodson was born on December 19, 1875
  • Graduated from Douglass High School in 1897
  • Became principal of Douglass High School in 1900
  • Earned his Bachelor of Literature degree from Berea College in 1903
  • Earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Chicago in 1908.
  • Earned doctorate from Harvard University in 1912
  • Historian, educator, author, publisher, and journalist
  • Founder of Association for the Study of African-American Life and History in 1915
  • Authored The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861 in 1915
  • Founded The Journal of Negro History 1916
  • Became Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Howard University in 1920
  • Founded The Associated Publishers in 1920
  • Authored The History of the Negro Church in 1922
  • Established Negro History Week in February 1926, which later expanded to Black History Month
  • Authored The Mis-Education of the Negro in 1933
  • Founded the Negro History Bulletin in 1937
  • Died at the age of 74 on April 3, 1950

Style & Substance – The Tweed Suit

GQ – Dwyane Wade – Will Welch

To be perfectly honest, I am still not a supporter of the whole relaxed, whimsical presentation of a loosely knotted necktie. If you are going through the entire knotting exercise, a gentleman should just complete the look and tighten it up. That is just my humble opinion. But that is neither here or there, today we are looking at the tweed suit, executed properly here by Dwyane Wade. Forgetting that Mr. Wade plays for the loathsome Miami Heat, the man knows how to dress, or at least he hires the proper staff to dress him. Here, his suit is perfectly contoured to his proportions-nothing excessively slim; just appropriately tailored for his stature. And a quick note to gentlemen who still rock the six button suits: Wade stands 6 foot 4, but he opts here to sport a two button suit-and it looks fantastic! Keep that in mind. Tweed jackets have enjoyed a history of being bulky and itchy, but contemporary versions have reduced the mass and refined the fabric. The result: a definite winner for the winter season. And the v-neck sweater and newsboy cap? That’s a nice touch too. Just tighten that necktie!

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