The Standard #19

The sharply styled, contemporary gentleman is fully cognizant of his immediate surroundings. He surveys the landscape around him and makes intelligent sartorial decisions. Once assigning himself to the notion that people do not notice what you are wearing, this gentleman has experienced a maturation process that speaks quite to the contrary. He is wiser and more seasoned now. He understands that people will take a snap mental inventory of his presentation. One’s appearance can be a subtle indicator of social status and character. Yes, your attire is a non-verbal form of communication; your clothes articulate a message and people readily listen.

Well, who comprises the audience that is so attentive observant? Your current or potential employer certainly notices. Man is not judged by resume alone. No. Sophisticated attire could be that extra 10 percent you require to differentiate yourself from the next applicant. In this economy, you might need it. Your first impression should be a lasting impression.

Speaking of impressions, observe your lovely lady’s eyes widen and the corners of her mouth curl into a sly smile when she sees your effortless elegance. Yes indeed, every woman loves a sharp dressed man; never underestimate that fact. Ponder the impression you leave on the youth and especially your own children when they absorb the gentleman’s confidence and class.

There is power in your presence, wield it wisely. Your peers even record mental notes. Please. Men are all about competition. Females usually take flack for their ritualistic judgment of each other, but do not be fooled; men want to bring sartorial A game to the table too. We are just a little more disguised with our attitude. We attempt to act like we don’t care, but we do. Employer. Spouse. Co-worker. Sibling. Son. Daughter. No matter the person, recognize that they recognize what your style articulates about you. Dignified. Confident. Masculine. Intelligent. Trustworthy. Definite characteristics the contemporary gentleman should exude.

Style & Substance – The Wool Bow Tie

Quite a few years ago, the incomparable bow tie staged a furious return to the world of men’s style. Championed by a few well-dressed dandies, fearless gentlemen across the nation secured at least a couple to seamlessly weave into their wardrobe. Wise move gents. But, before we could become buried beneath a superfluous heap of whimsical cloth, or driven to insane irritation because of its exaggerated usage, the trend leveled off and the bow tie became an ordinary, contemporary staple in a gent’s closet. Demonstrating surprising sartorial sustainability, the bow tie appears to be here to stay. And not as a silly or quirky conversation starter, we are of course adults here. No, these bow ties are serious. Not convinced? Check out the seriousness of this wool flannel offering from Phineas Cole. Devoid colorful polka dots (although those are popular this fall) or rambunctious animal motifs, this bow tie coveys a quiet sophistication requisite of a refined gentleman – a standard we should all seek to retain.

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