And so, it all comes down to this. President Barack Obama. Mitt Romney. Two gentlemen enter and only one leaves with the crown. My guess is we won’t know the eventual winner until the late p.m.; perhaps around 11 o’clock. Watch closely for results from Ohio and Florida. If Romney wins Florida, it could be a long night. If Obama takes Ohio, Romney will most likely have to run the table of swing states (Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, etc.) to block the president from 270 electoral votes. Should be interesting. Stay tuned. And more importantly – VOTE!!

Mr Porter – Mr Justin FitzPatrick – Art of the Shoe Shine

There is nothing contained in a gentleman’s presentation that should elicit the same level of deference that a well-polished shoe should elicit. Seriously – nothing at all. And the explanation is really quite simple: There isn’t another element in a gentleman’s dress that requires the same labor and attention that a high-gloss, mirror-shine pair of oxfords demands. Trust, a gentleman needs to apply a little elbow grease to achieve the necessary glassy effect. And I would be remiss not to mention the meticulous diligence toward step by step details. Still not convinced? Take a look at this video produced by Mr Porter featuring shoe aficionado Justin FitzPatrick. After you appreciate the work, take yourself over to Mr. FitzPatrick’s blog THE SHOE SNOB for further shoe admiration. You won’t regret it.

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