Deals & Steals – Allen Edmonds 2 For $300 Factory Seconds

My first four pairs of Allen Edmonds were purchased directly from the store. And then I heard some chatter over the Internet about something called a “factory second”. Not quite up to par to release at full retail, these shoes were sold at select outlets for a discounted price. And so I took a chance. I anxiously ordered a pair over the phone. When my purchase arrived, I placed them side by side with one of my regular pairs. I could not discern any egregious cosmetic differences between the two. Shortly thereafter, my next five pairs were factory seconds, but only when the discounted pricing was compounded with an additional sale. Like the one being offered now. Now, my wife tells me I should not tell people my A & E shoes are factory seconds. Perhaps. But, there is no shame to my sartorial game, and I am always willing to share a sale with a fellow gentleman. So, from now until November 21st, a gentleman can take advantage of this latest sale and snag 2 pairs for basically the price of one. I already gave them a ring and the following inventory is available, but you should check for sizing availability. You should also visit their WEBSITE to see what the models look like.

Available Models: Neumok (all colors), Mayfair, Tampa, Links, Walden, Park Avenue *RS, Fifth Avenue *RS, Strand *RS, MacNeil *RS, Mcallister *RS, Westchester *RS

*RS = rubber sole for models that regularly have leather soles

And the most important information you need – the phone number. Well, my friend, it is 262-284-7158 – that’s the shoe bank. They are open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Standard Time. And if you place an order, don’t forget to have them add you to their mailing list. You’ll get special offers like these delivered right to your inbox. Happy hunting.

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