Gentlemen’s Review – Tieroom – Notch Wool Neckties



With supreme and impeachable confidence, I can publicly declare that the season of summer has quietly departed, and the arrival of fall has summarily taken its place. Here in Michigan, it commenced with a few heavy rainstorms, which effectively cooled the humid, hot weather to a respectable level of comfort and relief. Valiantly, summer attempted a final stand of sorts, as a couple of 90 degree days made surprise appearances throughout the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless, it was all for naught; fall was here and the temperatures reflected that reality. Steadily, early mornings and late nights have become appropriately nippy. Thus gentlemen, it is officially time to switch up the sartorial gear accordingly. So, let us begin with a favorite accoutrement of mine – the necktie.

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Style & Substance – The Tweed Suit

GQ – Dwyane Wade – Will Welch

To be perfectly honest, I am still not a supporter of the whole relaxed, whimsical presentation of a loosely knotted necktie. If you are going through the entire knotting exercise, a gentleman should just complete the look and tighten it up. That is just my humble opinion. But that is neither here or there, today we are looking at the tweed suit, executed properly here by Dwyane Wade. Forgetting that Mr. Wade plays for the loathsome Miami Heat, the man knows how to dress, or at least he hires the proper staff to dress him. Here, his suit is perfectly contoured to his proportions-nothing excessively slim; just appropriately tailored for his stature. And a quick note to gentlemen who still rock the six button suits: Wade stands 6 foot 4, but he opts here to sport a two button suit-and it looks fantastic! Keep that in mind. Tweed jackets have enjoyed a history of being bulky and itchy, but contemporary versions have reduced the mass and refined the fabric. The result: a definite winner for the winter season. And the v-neck sweater and newsboy cap? That’s a nice touch too. Just tighten that necktie!

Style & Substance – The Wool Necktie

Stylishly inconspicuous. Fashionably unobtrusive. Quietly entering the room, its presence is announced by its reserved elegance. Sometimes in a gentleman’s life, he is required to exude a sober & restrained presentation. The solid wool necktie is there for his assistance. Set against the background of an immaculate white dress shirt, the gentleman displays great grace and aplomb in his excellent execution of elegance. And given the eventual transition into autumn and winter, neckties arriving in wool are an intelligent choice. Wool provides some serious visual depth to the usual dress shirt & necktie combination. Don’t worry about any difficulty knotting your necktie either. Given wool has exceptional resilience, knotting a perfect four-in-hand is quite easy. And the fabric returns to its original shape just fine. Opt for dark hues such as navy, brown, or gray. Pair with a fine merino sweater or tweed sport coat for a discreetly handsome ensemble. Every gentleman’s closet should maintain a few in circulation. You won’t be sorry.

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