Standard Recommendations – The Shoe Liner

Okay, so the thought of bypassing your trusted hosiery, as you slide into your loafers, has definitely aroused your interest. An earlier post about wearing loafers with your suit has sealed the deal. That’s it, you are sold. However, the idea of strutting around the office with your naked feet housed within your favorite leather slip-ons, well, that doesn’t sound terribly appealing – at all. Especially if you want to kick off the shoes and stretch your toes, trust, no one wants to see your dogs barking underneath your desk. Please spare your coworkers the sight and keep those bad boys locked inside a kennel. Now, if going totally barefoot is not your cup of tea, yet you still want a no-sock appearance, a cool pair of shoe liners may be the best option for you. Take these shoe liners from Johnston & Murphy for example. They’re absorbent, machine washable, and anti-microbial. And, a gentleman can still manage a no-sock appearance, maintain the integrity of his insoles, and calm the fears of his dogs breaking their leash. Thanks in advance.

3 responses

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for when I was speaking to you yesterday. There are some days (spring and summer) when I’d like to go sockless. Now I have a way to do that. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. That’s a perfect solution, it definetly beats a little power in the shoe, which is so embarrising if you have to remove your shoes for any reason. Thanks for the tip!


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