Brotherly Love – Suit Supply

Source – Suit Supply

If a gentleman is going to go with a no-sock presentation, he definitely has to look like this. Boom!

3 responses

  1. I’ve always commended those that could carry this look. To me it always seemed to be someone shorter than me. I know that I under no circumstances can pull this look off. 6’2, Size 13 shoe…Absolutely NOT! It definitely looks good, especially in this pic. You’re absolutely correct, “…has to look like this.”


  2. I’m slightly on the tall side myself at 6’1 with a size 12 shoe. I do forgo socks when wearing boat shoes and casual loafers. Perhaps one day, I’ll get the nerve to try it with a suit and dress shoes. Don’t expect any pictures if the look is disastrous though. : )


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