Style & Substance – The Leather Backpack

Shinola Leather Backpack

Shinola Runwell Backpack

The reality is inevitable; professional gentlemen of a certain age will discover themselves absent the need of certain work accoutrements. The professional employment environment eliminates the service of trusted early education essentials such as the Trapper Keeper, your dandy assortment of colorful pens & pencils, your trusted backpack, and a sturdy combination padlock to secure it all. One could safely assume that at this juncture in your career, you have introduced some serious upgrades into your work life. However, one could also safely assume that one of those upgrades does not include the bag you utilize to transport your belongings. Yes, I am referring to your backpack.

Now, regarding today’s backpack, contemporary interpretations are manufactured with luxury details and soft, supple leather. Unfortunately, some gentlemen are lumbering to and fro with their high school backpack with the specter of chronic back pain patiently waiting for its grand introduction. Personally, I am partial to briefcases. However, for the creative on the move, commuting with only his business necessities, a backpack may be a logical choice. And that choice might as well be an investment in style, sophistication, and function. Canvas or polyester options will also a command spot in the marketplace, but a leather alternative will convey character and ultimately age with a timeless grace not afforded to the former. The choice is yours, just please retire that bag from 10th grade.

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