The Standard #40

chivalrySurely, you may be familiar with the expression chivalry is dead, and furthermore, you may be familiar with the alleged reason for its demise – feminism. However, that reasoning is problematic. Quite honestly, I have the belief that this thought process is a falsehood, an excuse born out of a convenient resignation of general good manners and civility. Or perhaps it is a direct result of an unfortunate encounter with a woman that resulted in an erosion in trust and abandonment of goodwill. Nevertheless, a true gentleman recognizes that one needs not adhere to unrealistic, antiquated expectations and traditions. A true gentleman recognizes that the only standard required of a gentleman is courtesy, helpfulness, politeness, and basic human decency. Chivalry is not dead if you reject negative influences that trumpet its passing; its practice is sorely needed to foster kind, supportive engagement for both men and women. It is a practice that should be upheld and acted upon by all.

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