A Change Gon’ Come

Miles Newborn ToesWell, if you are a follower of this blog, or perhaps you’ve landed here because of an Internet search, you will probably notice the dearth of posts. There is good reason. Aside from my preexisting fatherly duties, there have been two major changes in my life, and unsurprisingly my blogging pace has slowed tremendously. Now, allow me to address those changes. Working in the health care field since 2001; mostly recently I had transitioned to a corporate environment in supply chain management. I started as an entry-level procurement specialist, and after a few years, I secured a promotion as a senior procurement specialist. Shortly thereafter, the department experienced a lot of movement with colleagues gaining promotions or leaving for other opportunities.

Subsequently, there were several openings available as a team lead – a position in management. Before I proceed, allow me briefly explain the duties of my department. I work for a national, not-for-profit health care system. I work in the shared procurement service arm of our supply chain management. We are responsible for the procurement of goods and services for our system of hospitals. Our floor is divided into teams; each team is assigned multiple hospitals and health care facilities within specific regions. As team lead, one would be responsible for monitoring the day-to-day activities of the team, ensuring that issues regarding back-orders, discontinued items, overnight orders, complaints, etc. are addressed and resolved.

At the time, I was considered to be on the short list of candidates that would apply for one of the open positions. However, I did not feel I was ready. I decided to remain in my position and sharpen my skills. And I will readily admit, I did not fancy myself the management type. After that round of promotions, an additional team lead position became available some months later. So, I decided to venture out on faith, leave my comfort zone, and afford myself the opportunity to advance my professional career to another level. And after an intense two-week interviewing process, I was notified that the team lead position would be offered to me. Of course, I accepted without hesitation. The process was tough, but I’m glad I applied for the job.

So, that brings me to the other bit of significant news: I’m a father again. Yes, my wife and I welcomed our second child into the world last week. The journey was difficult, but our son was born happy and healthy. Oh, yes, I now have a son. He’s only a week old and I’m already thinking about teaching him how to knot his first necktie. I know – I’m terrible. So there you have it. My life has fully transformed, but for the better. Hopefully, my work and personal life will be brought into balance. I have no doubt I’ll be checking back with you to document my second round as a father and first round as part of management. And of course style and grooming will definitely be in the mix as well. Talk to you all soon.

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